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With Blueprint Registry, you can add gifts from any retailer, import existing registries, and create a new baby fund - all in one place! Already have an buybuy Baby registry? No problem, we can import your registry automatically.

The Benefits of a buybuy Baby Registry

There are so many reasons to love the buybuy Baby registry. With all the stuff you might need for your new baby, a buy buy Baby registry has you covered. From an amazing assortment to expert advice, there are plenty of reasons to start your buybuy Baby registry today. When you sign up for a buybuy Baby registry in store, you received a goody bag full of samples and coupons. You will also be able to earn unlimited free shipping for your little one’s first year with the help of friends and family with their Free Shipping Rewards Program. Speaking of family and friends, let them help in building your buybuy Baby registry with 'Copy a Friend' and 'Ask a Friend' registry tools. Best of all, when you refer a friend to buybuy Baby or Bed Bath & Beyond and they create a registry, you’ll receive a $25 off any in-store purchase of $100 or more. With a great assortment and tons of perks, new parents flock to buybuy Baby for their baby registry needs!

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Earn unlimited free shipping with the rewards program


Automatically import your registry to Blueprint Registry allowing you manage all your registries in one location

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Refer a friend and get $25 off any in-store purchase

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Receive a goody bag of coupons and free gifts

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Hassle-free returns - anytime

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