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11 Babymoon Tips Every Parent-To-Be Should Know

April 10th, 2018
11 Babymoon Tips Every Parent-To-Be Should Know

Whether you’re pregnant or plan on being pregnant, it’s easy to get caught up in the baby planning and forget to squeeze in a little rest and relaxation.  

In the midst of all the anticipation and chaos, it’s probably (definitely) a good idea to factor a babymoon into your baby planning. Babymoons are a great way to take a pause from the hustle and bustle of preparing for parenting. They allow you to relax and reconnect with your partner—or even just yourself—before the Big Due Date.

Just like any other vacation, however, organizing a babymoon takes a time and consideration. The window for traveling during pregnancy is slim, so you’ll have to plan with some constraints. If a babymoon is something you are interested in, there are several tips, tricks, and hacks that we’ve gathered to help guide you through the planning process.

First Trimester = Plan & Second Trimester = Babymoon

The first trimester of pregnancy can be pretty rough for most women. Morning sickness, food aversions, fatigue due to progesterone surges, and other symptoms, are common in the first three months. Your body is beginning to change, and squeezing in travel probably isn’t a priority right now.

Women find that once the second semester rolls around, they begin to settle into the pregnancy and are much more comfortable. Your energy will be at its best, and risks for complications are at their lowest. We recommend using the first trimester to plan your babymoon—decide on a destination, consult your doctor, make travel arrangements, etc.—and travel during the second semester. The third semester, of course, is for taking it easy before the big day. You’ll be hard pressed to find an OBGYN that is comfortable with third trimester travel—they’ll likely urge you to stay close to home should any complications arise.

Check the CDC  

You likely already have some ideas for your babymoon destination, which means it’s time to check in with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Simply enter your destination, check the “Pregnant” traveler type box, and any health risks you should be cautious of will display on the next page. There will also be information on vaccines you should get, as well as other travel tips to stay safe and healthy while traveling in that area. Pregnant women, or women planning on getting pregnant, should especially avoid countries with a risk of the Zika virus.





Consult With Your OBGYN, Get Vaccinated + Have Your Medical Records Handy

You may want to immediately book your flight, pack your bags, and take off—but pump the brakes. Before even the smallest bit of babymoon planning can begin, you and your partner should consult your doctor. If not just to keep them in the loop, it’s important for your OBGYN to clear you for travel. Pregnancy is already stressful, and adding traveling to the mix can be dangerous if your body isn’t in the condition to do it. If you’re considered a high-risk pregnancy, your doctor will likely suggest you book a babymoon closer to home. Fear not, however, staycations can be just as magical as a distant adventure.

If you want to travel internationally, talk to your doctor and make sure you’re caught up on your vaccinations. The last thing you want while babymooning is catching something that could have been prevented. Also don’t forget to pick up a copy of your medical records. Having them handy will be much easier than making calls if you find yourself in a critical moment.

Decide Where You Want To Go

And now the fun part can begin! Once you’ve checked the CDC and cleared travel with your doctor, you can start solidifying destinations. Trip Advisor suggests you consider the “atmosphere” to help you narrow down locations. Think about the things you want to do, how you want to feel, and what vibes you want to feel from the surrounding environment. You may be dying to go to Tokyo, but if your goal is ultimate relaxation before giving birth, then a busy city may not be the best idea. If you want something all-inclusive, a resort may be a good option. Make a list of possible destinations, and really think about what you hope to accomplish by taking this trip.

Even if doctors clear you for international travel, many parents opt for domestic babymoon destinations or staycations. Some find comfort in staying close to home and within a car ride of their doctor should something go awry. And yes, that’s totally okay.

Choose Flights + Routes With The Least Travel Time

Most of us are okay with flight connections and a little extra travel time if it means saving money on our tickets. On your babymoon, however, it’s a good idea to think twice. Traveling is exhausting. Pregnancy is exhausting. Traveling while pregnant is a new, indescribable level of exhausting. Do yourself a favor and book a direct flight if you can, or at the very least a route that involves the least travel time. Your body will thank you, and you’ll get your babymoon off to a less-cranky start!

Now, imagine this scenario: Your trip is booked and all details of the trip are settled. But as you near the babymoon date, you’re feeling under the weather, nervous about traveling, or anything else causing you to question the trip. What happens to your flights, hotel reservation, and all other plans? In the event of any last-minute changes to your trip, we highly recommend buying travel insurance to cover cancellation costs. Depending on the policy, travel insurance can also cover emergency situations while you’re abroad.

Find a Medical Facility + Make Contact With Doctors

It’s always, always, better to be safe than sorry. First thing is to make sure your health insurance covers emergencies while traveling. If it doesn’t, consider buying travel insurance that covers emergency situations while traveling. Secondly, scope out hospitals near where you’re staying, and map out how you can get to them in the event of any complications. You can even reach out to hospitals and local doctors to familiarize yourself. Your personal OBGYN may even have referrals in the area you’re traveling.

Keep Your Blood Flowing, But Take It Easy

It goes without saying that you shouldn’t over-exert yourself when traveling while pregnant. Keep moving to get your blood flowing, but remember to take it easy and rest when you’re tired. If you plan on sightseeing or city-hopping, don’t squeeze too much in a small amount of time. Don’t rush yourself. Take your time and listen to your body if it says its had enough.

Pack Comfortable Apparel

Maximize your comfort by remembering to pack clothes that won’t get on your nerves. Pregnancy is already uncomfortable, then factor in travel and uncomfortable clothes and you’ve got bad news on the horizon. Don’t forget about comfortable shoes, and perhaps a padded backpack over a purse or messenger bag. Backpacks distribute weight better, and your shoulders will be glad for it in the end.

Don’t Forget The Self-Love

Your babymoon should be about you, your partner, and all the things you want to experience before baby comes along. Consider planning a couple’s spa day, a prenatal massage, or anything else that will be hard to do once baby arrives. Once they’re born, it’s all about them. But for now, the babymoon is all about you!

Consider Experience Packages

If you think getting travel planning in place within the first three months of pregnancy is unrealistic, consider booking experience packages. Services like If Only and Enjoy Wishlist allow you to search for experiences by location that you can book in advance. Whether it’s spa services, cooking classes, tours, or sports games, there are a plethora of fun and new local experiences in cities all over the world to choose from.

While you’re at it, look into booking a local photographer on Flytographer for an hour to document your babymoon. It’s going to be a magical trip, and capturing the magical moments with a professional photog will be the icing on the cake.

We’re all about treating yo’self at Blueprint. Only the future knows what’s in store once your bundle of joy arrives, but chances are vacationing opportunities will be few and far between. Take the time while you can, plan carefully, and have an unforgettable babymoon.

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