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The Traveling Tot: Sample Baby Registry

March 2nd, 2018
The Traveling Tot: Sample Baby Registry

Samir and Reese—and soon, Baby Maria—are a family on the move.

Samir is a freelance photographer and Reese works remotely as a full-stack engineer for a tech company in Seattle. Because Reese telecommutes full-time, she’s able to pack up and join Samir on his photography adventures across the globe. It’s a fast-paced, jet set life—they love every minute of it and can’t wait for Baby Maria to become their tiny tourist.

Although their home base is in Seattle, they don’t spend an extraordinary amount of time there. They want to make sure that when they’re home they have everything they need, but once Baby Maria is old enough, they plan to take her on their travel adventures around the world. They are committed to her learning the world’s cultures and want her to see as much of the world as possible right from the start.

Samir and Reese are less concerned about nursery decor as they are in the crucial baby essentials, and having the right baby gear for their jet set lifestyle. They’ve stuck mostly to items that travel well, gift cards, and cash gifts in lieu of traditional nursery items.

Does a travel-based baby registry sound like it’s right for you?

Questions + Considerations

I’m not sure where to begin building my registry. 

There’s a lot to consider when starting a baby registry! We recommend starting with the basics and the essentials, and then think about any miscellaneous items. Samir and Reese, for example, knew they didn’t have much need for items for their home and built their registry to reflect their traveling lifestyle. You’ll definitely want to start with a list of items that are essential when traveling with a baby.

Can you give me a firm number of gifts I should have? 

We suggest approaching your baby registry as a personal baby essentials shopping list. It’s important to sort out the things you need first, and then tack on any miscellaneous wants later. There is no firm number of gifts to add to your registry, but do keep in mind how many guests will attend your shower or how many people want to buy gifts for you. Samir and Reese aren’t planning on a huge shower and only registered for their absolute essentials.

Remember that it’s very likely you’ll receive gifts you didn’t ask for, so only list items you really need and want on your registry.

Is there a fee to using Blueprint for cash funds? 

Nope! Blueprint Registry is completely free for registrants to build their registry, wishlist, or fundraiser.

How do I share Blueprint Registry with my guests? 

Registrants may share their custom URL after creating a registry, or simply tell their guests that they are registered with and to search for their names.

You can add our favorite items from Samir and Reese’s registry for Baby Maria directly to your own baby registry, and be sure to check out their full registry here for more inspiration.

Prenatal / Postpartum Massage

Discovery Set

Discovery Set

From The Honest Company


Let’s get this show on the road! Check out Baby Maria’s full sample registry for a little inspiration and get started on your own today.


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