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The Cozy Homestead: Sample Baby Registry

March 3rd, 2018
The Cozy Homestead: Sample Baby Registry

Leslie and Ben are beyond excited to welcome their first baby, Wilson!

Leslie and Ben are proud of the life they’ve built together since they first met in high school. They’ve been through it all, and have made their home in the town they both grew up in. After years of figuring it out and romping around the globe, they’ve decided to put down their roots right where they started in Cannon Falls, Minnesota. They can’t imagine raising their first child away from their family and community, and truly believe it takes a village. They’re expecting a lot of guests at their baby shower, which they’re hosting on their small homestead.

Leslie works as a hairdresser in a local salon in town, and Ben runs their homestead and dabbles in carpentry. His work is featured prominently in their home and their herd of mini cows produces the best milk and cheeses to sell at the local farmer’s market and co-op.

When it comes to Baby Wilson, they’re especially interested in all-natural, organic, and eco-friendly products to reflect their personal lifestyle choices. Their registry is chock-full of the baby essentials, with particular emphasis on sustainability and craftsmanship. They love everything homemade, and are excited to hand-make all of Wilson’s baby food and design his nursery with a handcrafted feel.

Does a cozy homestead-style baby registry seem like it fits your lifestyle?

Questions + Considerations

I’m not sure where to begin when building my registry.

Don’t stress—our recommendation is to start your registry with the basics (diapers, onesies, bottles, etc.), and then add miscellaneous items (nursery decor, fun baby clothes, toys/books). Think about the values you hold for you and your child’s lifestyle and narrow your search for those. In this case, Leslie and Ben’s search included several local, organic, and educational items.

Is there a firm number of gifts I should have on my registry?

Try to think of your registry as your personal baby shopping list. It should include all your “must-haves” that you’ll think you’ll need for your baby, and once you’ve added those then think about miscellaneous items. Guests will probably purchase gifts off-registry, so be sure to list only items you really want on your registry.

Also think about how many guests will be attending your baby shower. Leslie and Ben are expecting their entire small community to attend, so their registry is longer than most.

Is there a fee to using Blueprint for cash funds?

Nope! Blueprint Registry is completely free for registrants to build their registries, wishlists, and fundraisers. Parents planning for new babies like to include cash funds for things like babysitting, date nights, and postpartum massages, for example. Browse our cash gifts or customize your own here.

How do I share Blueprint Registry with my guests?

Registrants can share their custom URL, or simply tell guests they are registered on and to search for their names.

You can add our favorite items for Wilson to your own baby registry, and don’t forget to check out their full sample registry for even more cozy homestead baby registry ideas.

Don’t forget to check out Baby Wilson’s full sample registry and get started on your own baby registry here. Happy planning!


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