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The Bridal Shower: Sample Wedding Registry

June 6th, 2018
The Bridal Shower: Sample Wedding Registry

The bridal shower is a wedding tradition that has held the test of time.

Typically planned by the maid of honor, the bridal party, or the bride’s female family members , bridal showers are an intimate way for the people closest to the bride to celebrate her before beginning married life.

Although some brides opt to have a traditional bridal shower, more and more are straying away from tradition to reflect modern times. As gifts for the bride are generally an important part of bridal showers, planners have started using universal registries like Blueprint to create an all encompassing wishlist of gifts.

Meet Sonya, an Atlanta-born and New York-raised bride-to-be, who is set to marry her best friend, Chris, in Ithaca.

Sonya’s maid of honor, Jazmin, has planned a Southern-style, high tea brunch bridal shower to take place on a beautiful September fall day, just a few months before Sonya’s festive New Year’s Eve wedding. Jazmin has planned the brunch to include Sonya’s favorite things: mimosas, tea cakes, and tea-sized fried chicken sandwiches. All of the people closest to Sonya have been invited.

Jazmin has made extra sure that Sonya will receive gifts she will truly love. For that reason, Jazmin worked closely with Sonya to put together a bridal shower registry tailored to her taste and wishes, and that are accessible to her bridal shower guests.

Are you interested in creating a registry for a bridal shower? Check out Sonya’s sample registry.

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Questions + Considerations

What types of gifts do I add to my bridal shower registry? Bridal shower registries are a great way for a bride to focus on gifts she wants for herself and that don’t necessarily have to be shared with their partner.

A bride can also choose to craft her bridal shower registry around a theme, like completing a dinnerware or linen set, or furnishing and decorating her office space. Cash funds for experiences (think dinner at your favorite restaurant, or a wine tasting tour), subscriptions (Ipsy, StitchFix, coffee subscription, etc.), or charitable donations are also great options.

Ultimately, bridal showers are all about the bride and what she loves—so don’t be afraid to make it all about you!

What should the price range for gifts be? Because all the bridal shower invitees are also attending the wedding, try not to include too many expensive gift options. Guests are already spending more money on your wedding gift, and it’s courteous to be aware of the price tags on your bridal shower gifts. Being a wedding guest, especially a guest close to the couple, is expensive too!

How many gifts should I add to my bridal shower registry? The same rule for wedding registries applies here: add around two gifts per person attending the shower. This is to ensure you have enough options and price ranges for everyone.

How do I share my bridal shower registry with my guests? Whoever is organizing the bridal shower can share the custom registry URL, or share that the event is registered with, where guests can search for the registrant’s name.

See some of Sonya’s gift picks below, and don’t miss the rest of her bridal shower registry.

6 Month Subscription

6 Month Subscription

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Check out Sonya’s sample bridal shower registry, or get started on your own!

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