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The Tech-Savvy Couple: Sample Wedding Registry

March 2nd, 2018
The Tech-Savvy Couple: Sample Wedding Registry

We love it when a couple tailors their wedding registry to fit their lifestyle. Meet a true 21st century couple: Dana & Nik.

Dana is the Digital Marketing Manager for a Fortune 500 tech company, and Nik is a Senior Data Analyst for an up-and-coming start up, so it makes sense that these two San Franciscans met at an industry networking event. Their jobs demand a lot of them: Dana spends most of her time on her devices, and Nik works 100% remotely, forcing them to coordinate their schedules through a shared online calendar. It’s critical that their tech stays top-notch and up-to-date.

When they’re not working, they love exploring their city and planning cozy nights in. While they take two short out-of-state trips each year, they prefer to spend the majority of their time close to home. They only moved in six months ago, so their short time sharing a home combined with their busy schedules means they’re still working to settle into their new home.

Are you a busy homebody and think this kind of registry might work for you, too?

Questions + Considerations

What does Blueprint recommend when starting a registry? Three easy places to start to think about registry ideas: items you own and want to upgrade + general cash funds + experiences to do together

How many gifts should I have? 2 gifts per guest.  Experience gifts help to create a personalized gift list while allowing registrants the ability to list gifts they want (alternative to physical gifts).

What if we would like to list a few expensive items? Blueprint allows couples the ability to list expensive items as a “group gift.”  This means that multiple guests may contribute to the overall price of a gift.  We recommend including the cost of shipping for your gift in the total.

How do I share Blueprint Registry with my guests? Registrants may share their custom URL, or simply say that they are registered with Blueprint

See below for some of their picks, and check out the rest of their registry for some serious tech-savvy inspo.

6 Month Subscription

6 Month Subscription

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Check out Dana and Nik’s full registry, or get started on your own.

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