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The Ultimate Zombie Preparedness Registry

April 1st, 2019
The Ultimate Zombie Preparedness Registry

The zombies are coming! The zombies are coming!

If this isn’t your worst nightmare, then you’re far braver than us. Sure, a zombie apocalypse is often regarded as a “tall tale”, but how can you be sure? Does Sasquatch really live on Mt. Rainier? Are aliens making those crop circles? Is it really spelled “Berenstain”, or are our minds betraying us? Is the dress blue and black, or white and gold? The world is a crazy place.

Given the uncertainty of the world, who said The Walking Dead can’t be real life someday? We may never know the truth. But instead of just waiting around for the inevitable, we’re choosing to play it safe and be as prepared as possible for the undead.

Are you starting to think a zombie preparedness registry could be right for you?

When putting together a registry for the single purpose of surviving a zombie apocalypse, you have to think of the ultimate essentials:

  • Shelter
  • Food
  • Travel
  • First Aid
  • Self Defense
  • Entertainment

This registry covers all the basics, including group cash gifts where loved ones can contribute to the cost of building a bunker or fallout shelter in your home, for example. So for all our doomsday preppers, take a peek at our list and get started with a zombie apocalypse preparedness registry.



Questions + Considerations

How do I get started?

Think about the things that will matter most when you’re confronted with impending doom. Will you need shelter? Will you have a bountiful food supply available (you know, so you don’t get attacked by zombies when venturing to the nearest grocery store for some looting)? What happens if you get exceptionally bored when hiding out in your bunker? Think about these important necessities, then head on over to and register to sign up.

Where can I find reference material to aid in my preparedness?

In our research, we’ve found that Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island has taught us the most. We also have found Zombieland useful, as well as the Zombie Preparedness section on the CDC’s website (seriously).

Is there a fee when using Blueprint for a zombie preparedness registry?

Blueprint is free for you and preparedness-contributors to use. Items are purchased by your gift-givers directly from each online retailer. They are only responsible for the purchase price and shipping of the gifts.

If you add cash funds to your registry—like defense training—any contributors will see a handling fee added to their cash fund order of 2.5%. This is just a standard online credit card processing fee.

Full details and how you can collect your cash funds can be found here.

How do I share my registry with my family and guests?

Traditionally, registries are shared best by word-of-mouth. When it’s a zombie preparedness registry, however, feel free to share your custom URL far and wide as much as your heart desires. After all, an impending zombie apocalypse is time sensitive. When you share, make sure you mention that you’re registered at under your full name. Knowing the first and last name on your Blueprint account will make searching for your registry much easier.

You can share your registry URL as a direct link to your registry. Your custom URL can be found—and edited—in your Registry Settings.

You can add our favorite items on our Zombie Apocalypse Preparedness registry below, or view the full registry here.

Eco Lantern

Eco Lantern



Zombie Defense Training

Zombie Defense Training

From Cash Registry


Are you ready to use Blueprint to prepare yourself for the undead? View our sample registry or start your own today!

Also, happy April Fools’ Day from the Blueprint Team!



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