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10 Wedding Registry Ideas for the Couple That Has Everything

March 24th, 2016
10 Wedding Registry Ideas for the Couple That Has Everything

Few couples have everything, but these days more and more engaged ones already have a well-established home. Cupboards full of dishes and linens have been completed long before their wedding day. That’s why the cash and experience registries, which have slowly but surely been gaining in popularity in recent years, is such a great solution.

These are some of our favorite gift ideas for the well-appointed bride and groom. Consider them an addition to any remaining traditional items—and thank everyone later for getting everything you truly needed and wanted.

Cooking Lessons for Two

For the couple that loves to cook—or is just learning to—these classes have plenty to offer. Study the basics, discover new recipes, or create signature meals for friends and family.

Round-Trip Plane Tickets

Thinking of a honeymoon across the country or across the world? Let guests contribute toward the flights and, voilà, every destination suddenly seems within reach.

Honeymoon Upgrades

Most loved ones are excited to contribute to an invaluable memory such as a honeymoon. If you have already funded your getaway, think of experiences to add on while you are on the go, including skydiving, a splurge-worthy meal at a restaurant of your choice, or a certificate to check into a luxury hotel.

Foreign Language Lessons

Regret not paying closer attention in your high school language classes? Brush up on foreign words and phrases before your travels. And don’t forget to send a thank-you card saying, “Grazie,” “Gracias,” or “Merci!”

A Piece of Statement Furniture

Finally own that furniture you’ve been coveting. Invite guests to contribute toward a portion of a higher-priced item like a couch, bed, or dining room table that they know you will love.

Works of Art

Make your weekend gallery visits count. Ask for cash to start your collection or expand upon it. Bonus: Any piece you put the money toward will be a visual reminder for years to come of your big day.

Home Renovations

If you’ve lived in your pad for years, or consider it a fixer-upper, ask guests to contribute to a renovation. Focus on a big project such as the kitchen or a smaller one such as your walk-in closet. Who wouldn’t want you to have the home of your dreams?

Date Night

Put a special date night on the calendar by registering for event gifts such as concert tickets. Everyone will rest assured knowing the fun will continue after your celebration.

We’re all for using your wedding registry for gifts you’d actually use. If you and your partner are already living together and don’t have much need for many home goods, consider a non-traditional wedding registry full of unique experiences.

What are your plans for your wedding registry? Tell us all about it on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook!


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