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#BlueprintPair: Jen & Max

January 7th, 2016
#BlueprintPair: Jen & Max

This politically-minded couple is having a seriously Seattle wedding.

And it reflects their relationship and their lives through and through. We are big fans of their story and wish them the best on their upcoming winter wedding! Read on for a sweet tale of love, ferris wheels, and electric toothbrushes.


How did you two meet? What did you do for your first date?

Max: We met on a political campaign. Hard to say what our first real date was…there were many work related events where we would both sort of linger after everyone else had left. I attribute much of our early dating success to some combination whiskey shots and tater tots from the Victory Lounge Bar that was by the office.

JenWe became friends hanging out through work, and very quickly it just morphed into something more serious. Honestly, I don’t know what our official first date was!!


Tell us your proposal story!

Max: We used to live in an apartment in Seattle and most of our outings were in and around the downtown area. The Great Wheel was always a fixture in our daily horizon– and we always meant to give it a go, but never really got the chance. So I thought, what better way to propose than at the top of our little Seattle world that we had built together? The timing was good because most of Jen’s DC friends were in town for the holidays, so I asked them to help me with the set up. Afterwards, I had a larger group of her friends waiting for us at a nearby waterfront restaurant as a surprise.

JenThe best. It was a Monday which totally threw me off. I had made plans with two of my girlfriends and after getting our nails done (very strategic) they said they thought it would be so fun to go on the Seattle Great Wheel. I was teasing them to so much for how touristy it was, but when we got there Max was there too. He proposed at the top of the wheel. He had called all of our closest friends to meet us at a restaurant after and surprised me with a dinner with them. It was perfect.


When and where are you getting married?

We’re getting married February 13, 2016 in the Pioneer Square neighborhood of Seattle.

What wedding detail are you most excited about?

Max: I’m excited to have all of our families together in one place. I have a pretty large family, but they’re spread throughout the country so I don’t get to see them very often. The wedding will be a great chance for our families to get to know each other in really awesome setting.

Jen: I think I am most excited about being downtown in such a great location and one of Seattle’s most historical neighborhoods. We picked an awesome boutique hotel — The Alexis — to do our welcome reception the night before and where we will also get ready the next day. It’s only a few blocks away from our venue. The city is such a big part of our story, we are excited to tie that into our wedding and give our guests a good taste of how wonderful it is to live in Seattle.


What made you choose Blueprint Registry?

Max: Jen informs me this is the best option by far, so I am inclined to agree.

Jen: I felt a little restricted registering through two or three stores only. No one does all their shopping in only a few places. We picked Blueprint because it allows you to shop anywhere you want and to really choose things that you love vs. what is available through a few places.

How are you using BPR? Experiences, honeymoon fund, or mostly gifts?

Max: Gifts. Although, I have been eyeing some of the experiences, particularly some of the date nights and the home fund options. We bought a home in 2013 and are hopeful to remodel the back patio after we get married, so I can see us getting a lot of use out of registering for some of those.

Jen: Mostly gifts — I love the idea of having things around our home every day that mean something because of the person who gifted it to us. I think that is really special and something I’m looking forward to. When we pull out our gravy boat for Thanksgiving or grab a bottle of wine out of our wine rack we will think of those people that supported us on our favorite day. 


How are you using it? OR What registry gift are you most looking forward to?

Max: I’m really in to our electric toothbrushes.

Jen: I am obsessed with our dishes and serving pieces we chose from Pottery Barn. It’s the Emma line. It feels so versatile something you can dress up on a holiday table or use on a daily basis. We have already gotten quite a few pieces from the collection and I just love using it and displaying it in our home.

What’s your favorite Blueprint feature?

Max: The feature where you can indicate which of us is asking for the gift. In our case, JB (Jen), MB (Max), or both. We were able to register for overnight/carry on luggage which we both needed, but obviously they were specific to each of us. It’s a great tool too for our friends and family to see as they are picking out gifts.

Jen: The Add-to-Blueprint button you can add to your browser bar is the best thing ever. It allows you to add gifts from literally, anywhere on the internet. That way when I come across something I love it doesn’t matter that it’s sold through a new vendor, I can still add it!


What advice do you have for people planning their wedding?

Max: Happy wife, happy life. For the future grooms out there, be as involved as she wants you to be. Offer to help all the time, and own what you can, but allow her to guide the process if she wants.

Jen: Remember the end goal — to have fun and marry the person you love. Don’t get hung up on all the small details, no one will remember if they used a napkin with your initials engraved on it or if you had centerpieces on your cocktail tables! Let the small stuff go, and focus on being with your friends and family, and starting a new exciting chapter in your life.

What advice do you have for people using a gift registry?

Max: Register for things you’re actually going to use… getting gifts is great, but make sure your selections are functional.

Jen: I tried to register for things that I knew could stand the test of time. Classic dish and serving ware, white towels and sheets that could go with any style change through the years. These are things you will want to hang on to, so it helps if they are classic pieces or things that can easily mold into new homes, new paint colors, duvet covers, etc.


Yay for Jen and Max! Take a peak at their registry here.

Photography by Alexa Seidl MacKinnon.


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