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12 Special Ways to Honor Mom on Your Wedding Day

May 11th, 2018
12 Special Ways to Honor Mom on Your Wedding Day

For many, moms are arguably one of the most important parts of a wedding.

From the engagement, wedding planning, and into Ever After, moms play an incredibly special role on a couple’s big day.

Weddings are first and foremost a celebration of love between two people, but they’re also a way to honor the generations of women who raised you. Because it’s almost Mother’s Day and we’ve got moms on the brain, we interviewed real Blueprint users and compiled a list of our favorite ways to honor mothers throughout the wedding planning and wedding day.

Carry On Family Traditions

Weddings are chock-full of traditions and are a great way to carry on traditions important and specific to your mother and family. Whether it be traditions surrounding culture, heritage, or religion, find a way to incorporate traditions important to your mother on your big day.

Include Her In Your Wedding Planning

Even if it’s just as a sounding board, mothers have a knack for quality advice. Approach her with ideas about wedding themes, decor, flowers, and menu. Take her with you for dress shopping and fittings. You may not always agree, but having an outside perspective from someone you trust is invaluable. Plus, it’s a great way to discover details about her own wedding and traditions to incorporate into your own day.

Share Her Talents With the World

If mom has a special hobby or talent, find ways to let her talents shine on your wedding day.

If she’s a great cook, share one of her dishes on your menu or make goodie bags with treats. Use her fabulous crafting skills on some DIY wedding decor. Is mom a songbird? Maybe you can convince her to her to perform a song during the reception.

“My mother is hands-down the best baker I’ve ever met. She’s actually baking our cutting cake! I get giddy knowing that we’re honoring her talent.” –Margaret from Boston

Get Dolled Up Together

Chances are you’ll be a bundle of nerves on your wedding day, and let’s be honest—having mom around to calm you down can be a blessing. Having her there to help you get ready will be a true gift to her, will be a solace to you, and will make for unforgettable memories.

Think about treating her to hair and makeup as a gift, and remember to document the getting ready process!

Photograph A First Look

First looks are an increasingly popular trend in weddings, but they don’t have to be exclusively for the bride and groom. You can start getting ready with your mom, but have your bridesmaids or groomsmen help you get your final look together. When you’re ready, capture mom’s first look at you on camera. If there are other important motherly figures in your life (hey, Grandma!), take first look photos with them too. Your future self will thank you for the beautiful memories.

Get Her A Meaningful Gift

Personalized jewelry, a special bouquet for the ceremony, a custom embroidered handkerchief, spa day… the options for a beautiful and special gift for moms on your wedding day are endless.

Give yourself enough time to think of something she’ll truly love and that she’ll keep forever. After all, she did give you the gift of life!

Blueprint user, Tate from Boston, has the right idea:

“I am so excited to have my mom throughout the entire process of my wedding planning. I’m going to give her a special gift. I’m not sure what yet, but it has to be perfect and meaningful.”

Involve Her in the Procession

Traditionally, the bride is escorted down the aisle by her father. But we’re living in modern times, and modern times mean we can break traditional wedding rules. Invite your mom to also escort you down the aisle, or involve her in the procession in a meaningful way. Having her read a note or passage during the ceremony is a great idea, too.

“My mom is organizing the flowers for the big day (we’re all DIY) and she will walk down the aisle as part of the processional with my nephews.” –Maggie from Chicago

An Heirloom Can Be Your Something Borrowed

Does mom have a special heirloom she’s been holding onto, perhaps a broche, hairpin, or veil? Honor her by incorporating an heirloom or two on your wedding day, and be sure to get it in lots of photos. A framed photo of you with the heirloom could also make a beautiful gift.

Stitch Some Love Into Your Wedding Dress

Whether it’s a piece of her old wedding dress, a piece of fabric from an item of clothing she loves, or even a custom patch, stitching something small to the inside of your wedding gown or suit is a sentimental touch we can get behind.

Dance It Out

First dances are a beautiful and emotional part of weddings and a perfect way to honor the moms in your life. Choose a song she loves or that reminds you of her, and tell your photographer to be ready to capture the love (and probably some tears).

Honor Mom With Words

Programs are a meaningful and tangible piece of wedding memorabilia that mom can hold on to forever. Add a beautiful and personal note to mom in your program that every guest will receive and read. Hold on to a program and mount it in a frame to gift her after the big day.

Pay Tribute to Moms Who’ve Passed On

Your wedding day can be an intensely emotional time, especially if your mother isn’t around to see you off into the next chapter of life. Honor your mom in your ceremony by reserving a seat for her in the front row with a framed picture, write a note to her in the program, share a recipe in your menu, wear an heirloom, or create an altar to commemorate her.

From being our biggest cheerleaders to being our voice of reason (and brutal honesty), moms are truly invaluable. Whether you involve her or choose to surprise her, honoring her in a special way on your wedding day will be a great way to thank her as she sends you off into married life.

Do you have a unique idea for honoring your mom on your wedding day? Tell us all about in on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook!

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