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15 Black Makers to Put in Your Wedding Registry

August 27th, 2020
15 Black Makers to Put in Your Wedding Registry

The world is facing a reckoning.

In the wake of the deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, plus countless others affected by police brutality, we have a responsibility to recognize where our system fails our Black community. This activism isn’t new, but in an age where the internet and social media are at our arsenal, there is a new opportunity to make real change and support our Black community.

Let’s start in the home. Whether you’re registering for a wedding, graduation, or just putting together a wish list of items for home decor, there are endless Black artists, makers, and small business owners whose work deserves to be recognized. The truth is Black artists and makers are responsible for so many cultural influences in contemporary society, and supporting them with our wallets is one place to start.

While it’s impossible to spotlight every single artist and maker in one post, we want to kick off a series where we feature some of our favorite Black makers to feature in your home. Buckle up, because you’re in for a beautiful ride.

15 Black makers to put in your wedding registry

Sabai Design

Are you looking for contemporary, but consciously crafted furniture? If so, Sabai should be your first stop. Their pieces are comfortable, beautiful, and modern. But best of all? They’re all sustainably made and customizable to boot.


You may have seen “The Chair” floating around in Instagram or Pinterest, and there’s good reason for its popularity. 54kibo features the work of African designers whose contemporary African designs showcase color and boldness. Any piece will fill your home with warmth and good vibes.


Goodee is a global marketplace whose mission is to provide an ethical, sustainable, and transparent space for makers and shoppers alike. If their featured brands and creators don’t already make you feel good, the social impact of shopping with them surely will.


Plant-lovers rejoice! If you’re one of the many people hoarding indoor plants during the Covid-19 pandemic (probably while taking a break from feeding your sourdough starter), then EcoVibe is exactly where you want to be. Founders Len and Dre have a mission of working with BIPOC, women, and other minority groups to feature their creations, while also giving back to organizations through their sales. Shop online for gorgeous indoor plants, home decor, and even apparel.



Is there anything better and more rewarding than getting into a clean bed with luxuriously feeling linen? With linens from Linoto, you could have that all the time, every day, right in your own home. Choose from bed linens, towels, tablecloths, napkins, and more made right here in the US.

Reflektion Design

What started off as a Fullbright Scholarship cultural immersion, founder Anitra quickly fell in love with West African textiles and designs. Reflektion Design features a slew of home decor and personal items made from carefully curated and ethically sourced textiles inspired by Ghana and West Africa.

Tal & Bert

There are few things more lovely than a tiny air plant. Tal & Bert make them even more special by designing holders made from raw minerals and materials, like their popular geode vessels. These vessels are all handmade right here in the U.S., and it’s probably a good idea to fill your home with these happy little plants.



Jemma of LouLouArtStudio is especially known for her gorgeous silhouette prints and ethereal watercolors. You can see her graphic design skills in her work, while also featuring intricate textile patterns. We can’t imagine a single home that Jemma’s art wouldn’t fit in with.


Right from the homepage, products by MadeByRheal will take your breath away. Shop throws, glassware, and art, but make sure to take an especially close peek at their collection of hands. These trinket holders are all handmade in Oakland, CA and shaped like two hands lovingly holding your precious items.

CanDid Art

Bold lines, shapes, and color blocks are standout features of Candice’s prints. She draws her inspiration from ‘African visual culture, indigenous design vernacular, and cosmic geometry”, and creates products to be worn, displayed, and admired. So as you add some prints to your registry, think about picking up some jewelry while you’re at it. It’s a win-win.

Lomar Farms

Sweeten up your home in both flavor and scent with beeswax candles and raw honey from Lomar Farms in New York. Founders Brett and Yvonna built their farm from the ground up, learning the ins and outs of farming, gardening, and beekeeping. The whole family gets involved, and each of their products is made with the utmost care.

Pozē Candle Co.

Candles are easily one of the most popular registry items. So why not add the best candles you can find? Pozē soy candles are all handcrafted here in the U.S with wooden wicks that give you the long-lasting crackling effect for extra coziness around the house.


Tactile Matter

Founder Kenesha Sneed is an incredibly talented ceramicist who also creates prints and throw blankets with her art. Her products are bold, colorful, and have even made appearances in popular culture, like the film Little with Marsai Martin and Issa Rae.

Jade Purple Brown

If you are looking for a boost of serotonin by simply walking through your home, then Jade Purple Brown needs to be on your registry. Jade Purple Brown’s prints are not afraid of color, but popular Wave Rug—in collaboration with designer Winner—is truly a sight to behold.

The ZEN Succulent

Green thumbs or plant novices can all agree that succulents, air plants, and terrariums are a quaint, yet beautiful addition to any home. The ZEN Succulent was founded by mother-daughter duo, Margaret and Megan George, inspired by their mutual love for urban planting. They have even published their own instructional book about creating custom succulent landscapes.

Final Thoughts

This current wave of activism means people are finding any and all means to be actively anti-racist and break the cycle of systemic oppression. This is no small task, and we know it can be daunting trying to figure out where you can help and whether you, as an individual, will even make a difference.

Do it anyway. #BlackLivesMatter

If you’re interested in learning more about systemic racism and how you can help, check out this master list of BLM Resources curated and continually updated by the community.


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