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The Best Wedding Shower Games

September 6th, 2017
The Best Wedding Shower Games

A wedding shower is a lasting and beloved way for celebrating the soon-to-be newlyweds, but it’s important to entertain your guests as well.

While party-favors and delicious food are a great start, we think it’s a great idea to plan some unique wedding shower games to keep the celebration lively. Wedding shower games are an excellent way to help your guests break the ice, share some laughs, and foster a truly memorable celebration.

There’s always a place for traditional wedding shower games, which are usually based on the love-story of the happy couple. Shake things up by taking a familiar game or activity and personalizing it to fit the theme of your wedding shower. If you need some ideas, we’re sharing some of our favorite wedding shower games below. These activities are well suited for parties that are co-ed or just for the bride and/or groom. Keep scrolling to see what games we think will keep your guests laughing and create memories that last.

Traditional Wedding Shower Games

“What’s My Age?” Photo Challenge

Dust off the old photo albums and pull together some photos of the bride and/or groom showing them at various ages.  Mix them up so they’re not in any distinguishable order.  With pencils and paper to jot down answers, allow guests to peruse photos and write down how old they think the bride (or groom) is in the photo.  The guest with the most correct guesses wins.


Photo by Brandi Welles Photography.

Find The Guest

It’s nice to help your guests break the ice, and one of the best ways is to play “Find the Guest.”  Each guest is given a card with prompts that require everyone to chat with their neighbors, and discover fun facts about them.  Find pre-made printable cards from sellers on Etsy to keep the party-planning simple.


Photo by Amy Anaiz.

Date-Night Jar

This game involves some creative thinking to come up with some great date night ideas for the future newlyweds.  Lay out some colorful pieces of paper and some permanent markers next to a basket or jar.  Guests can enjoy writing down their favorite date night suggestions and placing them in the basket for the couple to use for inspiration after the wedding.


Photo by Laura Hernandez Photography.

Ready-Made Wedding Shower Games

Wedding Mad Libs aka “Wed-Libs”

Get creative and start laughing with wedding-themed Mad Libs.  Guests have the opportunity to apply some seriously silly lingo to a fill-in-the-blank, wedding-inspired story.


Photo by Something Turquoise.

Doubles Jenga

Have guests pair up, and challenge other couples in this two-on-two twist of a classic game.  The winning couples will continue to face each other, and the remaining couple claims victory.


Jenga by Hasbro. Photo by DIY Network.

Lawn and Outdoor Wedding Shower Games


With a little outdoor space and some good weather you can take your wedding shower games outside!  Enjoy classic games like croquet and enjoy the fresh air of the outdoors.  If you’re not a fan of croquet, consider other games such as bocce ball, or yard dice.


Photo by Shannon Rosan Photography.

Bean Bag Toss aka “Corn Hole”

A pioneer of picnics and tailgates, the bean bag toss fits right in as some featured entertainment for a wedding shower.  Customize your bean bag toss game by perusing some custom shops on Etsy, or consider keeping a basic set on hand to use for other occasions.


Photo by Jon Duenas.

Weddings have a special and unique way of bringing strangers together and making them feel like family. Let the bonding start early with a few wedding shower games to get the laughs and fun going. Come the wedding day, everyone will feel comfortable and as though they’ve been family all along.


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