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Photo List Wedding Planning Worksheet

February 10th, 2020
Photo List Wedding Planning Worksheet

Your wedding is all about the memories captured.

We’d be willing to bet that coming up with a list of must-have wedding photos is pretty high on your priorities list. You want to make sure that your photographer is prepared to take the best photos, from the start of your wedding day to your final show-stopping exit.

Step one is to match your photo vision with a photographer that you love. You’re hiring a professional, so they will be able to show you their style of work to see if it matches your personal taste. Peruse the portfolios of the photographers you’ve listed on your vendor comparison worksheet, and narrow down which ones jive with your overall wedding vision. Professional wedding photographers should be well prepared to handle snapping photos of your daily festivities, but it’s best to express and review your expectations with them early on.

Consider all of the moments throughout the wedding day you’ll want captured. Would you like photos of the bride getting ready with their crew, and all their beautiful accessories? Are you planning a first look? Would you like photos of the ceremony site or the reception hall? Don’t forget to add time in your wedding day schedule for your photos, as well. There are several big—and little—moments in every wedding that you and your photographer will want to consider capturing, and you’ll want a place to keep track of it all. 

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Working through your worksheet

More often than not, the photographer you hire will already have a standardized sheet to gather what they feel is necessary information from you. Our worksheet includes sections to begin thinking about expectations and information you’ll want to share with your photographer. Some examples are contact information, and names of members of your wedding party and family. Also included in the worksheet is a timeline of events that you and the photographer can reference the day-of. *Cue Sade’s Smooth Operator*

Another bit of information you will want to provide is your expectations and preferences for the photographer and their work. For example, are there any surprises you would be planning that the photographer should be aware of? What types of photos would you expect to have of you and your partner?

Our worksheet takes all of this into consideration. The customizable tables let you outline every photo you think you’ll need. It provides additional tables to list photos that you would like to have, like individuals, with the wedding party, and with guests. There’s even a place to dictate the overall vision of major events, like the processional and wedding portraits.

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Popular wedding photos

For so many couples, a major goal when planning their wedding is to capture every moment possible in photographs for sharing and reminiscing later. Our photo list worksheet helps you track photographer information, as well as top wedding photos that you consider essential to have.

Some popular photos to snap on the wedding day include:

  • Getting ready (you and your partner)
  • Hair and makeup
  • Rings, accessories, veil, and shoes
  • Dress or tux
  • Leaving for the ceremony
  • First look
  • Ceremony site
  • Processional
  • Family portraits
  • Wedding party portraits
  • First dance
  • Toasts and cake cutting
  • Wedding exit

Remember to delegate

Planning a wedding is a collaborative process, so download your worksheet and share it with anyone helping out. Whether you’re hiring a planner, or are pulling in friends and family, a one-stop shop for organization is key. 

Final Thoughts

Once you’ve completed your wedding photo checklist, it’s time to hand it over to the photographer and trust their expertise. Then you can focus on having fun and being present for your big celebration. The fun and festivities will shine through your photos and you’ll be able to relive those memories for a lifetime.

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