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Product Profile: Spiralizer

There’s little as satisfying or delicious as a heaping bowl of hot, creamy pasta. But if you’re trying to cut carbs, or simply eat healthier, we don’t have to tell you how wise it is to ditch the noodles. Enter your new best friend:…

September 20, 2016

Falling into Fall

We have no problem admitting autumn is our favorite season. Maybe that back-to-school mentality never left us, but everything feels new and we are primed to take on new projects we put off all summer. One of those projects? A seasonal but simple makeover…

September 14, 2016

Sleep Tight with Macy’s: Intro to Bedsheets, Part III

In addition to materiality and thread count, there are less obvious factors that will determine the look, feel, and price of your sheets. Before saying “I do” to that potentially perfect set of bedding, find out how the weave and finish of your sheets…

September 8, 2016

Sleep Tight with Macy’s: Intro to Bedsheets, Part II

We’ve all been there: shopping for a new set of sheets, comparing seemingly similar package information, wondering what exactly accounts for the significant price disparities. To clear up this confusion once and for all, we’ve teamed up with Macy’s to lay out the basics…

September 1, 2016

Top Gifts Under $50

Who says a gift needs to be pricey? We suggest keeping a wide range of low, mid, and high-priced items on your registry so guests have plenty of options to choose from. From the kitchen to your honeymoon, we offer great selections that are…

August 29, 2016

Watercolor for the Win

This watercolor craze isn’t new, but don’t be scared to dabble in all it has to offer for fear that it is going out of style. Watercolor wedding invitations and ombres aren’t your thing? We get it. But we promise, there is a wistful…

August 26, 2016

Sleep Tight with Macy’s: Intro to Bedsheets, Part I

When registering together, little is more rewarding than choosing a quality set of bedding. Armed with a bit of basic bedding knowledge, you both can get a better night’s sleep without splurging on top-of-the-line products. Because if you’re anything like us, sleep is a…

August 23, 2016

Muted Monochrome: The Way To Do Gray

With summer winding down (sigh), we’re looking at calmer colors to take us long, bright days to the milder ones ahead. And our go-to hue is decidedly gray. The understated elegance of a muted gray room is immediately comforting and calming. Pulled together with…

August 22, 2016

A Pillow Party

In our humble opinion, there is no such thing as too many throw pillows. They are an easy and temporary way to add flair to a room that you can change by season or mood, and the options are truly endless. Throw pillows can be…

August 8, 2016

Pack It Up!

When choosing a dinner destination becomes a burden instead of an anticipated event, a summer picnic is a welcome change of pace. Having just a few picnic-perfect items on hand can make a last minute plan to dine outdoors a breeze. Keep your picnic…

August 4, 2016

Throwback Thursday: Wolfgang Mozart and Constanze Weber

For today’s throwback, we’re taking it waaaaaay back to the 1700s. American colonies were preparing for a revolution that would change the course of history, and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was getting hitched. By all accounts, Mozart loved two things: music and Constanze Weber. At…

August 4, 2016

Flashback Friday: Charles, Prince of Wales & Lady Diana Spencer

Today marks the anniversary of one of the most widely covered weddings in modern history, until, well, the eldest son of this pair tied the knot some 30 years later. Charles Philip Arthur George, Prince of Wales, is (and was) the longest serving heir…

July 29, 2016