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Keep Your Bedroom Cool & Calm

January 24, 2017
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Color experts tend to agree: of all the shades and tones you can choose for your bedroom, those from the cooler end of the spectrum encourage tranquility and a sense of zen…a.k.a. a guaranteed good night’s sleep for you and your boo. Stick to grays, greens, blues, and all the hues in between and dream away! • Fit for a king + queen. | Rogan Canopy Bed – West Elm • Talk about dreamy. | Watercolors Linen Throw Pillow – All Modern •…

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Sleep Tight with Macy’s: Intro to Bedsheets, Part III

In addition to materiality and thread count, there are less obvious factors that will determine the look, feel, and price of your sheets. Before saying “I do” to that potentially perfect set of bedding, find out how the weave and finish of your sheets…

September 8, 2016

Sleep Tight with Macy’s: Intro to Bedsheets, Part II

We’ve all been there: shopping for a new set of sheets, comparing seemingly similar package information, wondering what exactly accounts for the significant price disparities. To clear up this confusion once and for all, we’ve teamed up with Macy’s to lay out the basics…

September 1, 2016

Sleep Tight with Macy’s: Intro to Bedsheets, Part I

When registering together, little is more rewarding than choosing a quality set of bedding. Armed with a bit of basic bedding knowledge, you both can get a better night’s sleep without splurging on top-of-the-line products. Because if you’re anything like us, sleep is a…

August 23, 2016

Crisp Whites for Bed & Bath

We’re all for taking design risks, but there’s nothing like that crisp, classic look of white linens to welcome you home. Whether you’re looking to register for basics or you’re looking to round out a new look for your bed and bath, you can’t…

July 27, 2016

Get Your Rest

The holiday season is exhausting. And while we all like to take a quick breather before we head into the New Year refreshed, it can be hard to find that time. Optimize your bedroom for peace, serenity, and of course, restful sleep, by making…

December 29, 2015
Rustic & Vintage

Beautiful Boudoirs: Bedroom Decor Inspiration

We’re hitting ‘refresh’ on our bedroom in hopes that it will return the favor. A beautiful bedroom should not be treated as a luxury, so we’re using these spaces as inspiration. Go airy for a calming and serene effect. Bright and bold decor will energize…

June 10, 2015