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Organized in October

October 25, 2016

Back to school was always our favorite time. Our little type-A selves would shop for supplies and lay them out on our desks at home, torn between using our brand new things now and keeping them pristine for the first day of school. The pleasure and satisfaction that comes with being organized is still alive and well within us, and we feel no guilt whatsoever for indulging it as adults. Some people may save their yearly purge and reorg for…

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Home Office Refresh

Working from home is all the rage these days. But just because your company has a flexible telecommuting policy doesn’t mean your living room is equipped to help your creative (and productive!) juices flow. Don’t neglect your home office when it comes to your wedding…

April 19, 2016
School supplies

Back to School Supplies (for Big Kids!)

Remember the back-to-school shopping you did when you were young? Some kids might have been all about their new kicks or sweaters, but what got us jazzed was putting together our binders with their candy-colored dividers and nabbing a highlighter in every shade of…

September 7, 2015
Working Wonders

Working Wonders: Home Office Inspiration

Inspiration is good for business. Improve your workspace, improve your mood, improve your productivity, and inspiration is likely to follow. Don’t let your home office get you down. Make it your own – a place where you actually want to spend your time – and watch your workflow…

May 13, 2015
Office Essentials

Home Office Essentials

The flexibility that telecommuting, or working from home, allows the employee is huge. You can often set your own hours, there’s no dress code, and you skip that dreaded morning commute. You also have the authority to decorate your office any way you want. It…

May 11, 2015

Big Solutions for Small Spaces

Small square footage should never limit your design desires! You can make a big style impact and make use of all your space with clever storage solutions, mobile furniture, and a few tricks of the trade. Even the smallest of studio apartments can still…

November 4, 2014

Office Makeover: Smart + Stylized

At Blueprint Registry, we understand the importance of an office that encourages creativity, efficiency, and comfort – so we’re excited to share our favorite picks to make your home office one of your favorite rooms! We can’t be the only ones who miss the excitement…

September 23, 2014