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Spice Up Your Life with Subscriptions

February 28, 2017

Today’s subscription services go beyond magazines + meal kits. Adding unexpected flavors is an easy way to elevate your everyday, with little effort. Spices, sauces, gourmet snacks, even home decor — the choices are aplenty. And if you ask us, they all make fabulous wedding gifts. Left | Right Left | Right Left | Right Featured photo by Brooke Lark.…

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10 Kitchen Staples For Your Wedding Registry

Cooking with your partner is a wonderful way to spend time together and learn new skills. Whether you are beginners in the kitchen or seasoned home-chefs, the right tools can make a world of difference. Set yourself up for success with some of our…

February 15, 2017

Ways To Make Your Food Look As Good As It Tastes

Simply put: Food tastes better when it is pretty. Presentation totally makes a difference. You’ve worked hard to prepare it — don’t deprive yourself of the satisfying ‘wow!’ yielded by a well-appointed meal. An arsenal of beautiful serveware will make presenting your meals a…

February 5, 2017

All Things Caffeinated

What’s better than a steaming & delicious cup of joe on a crisp fall morning? In our minds, very little. That caffeine boost at first light is our favorite daily ritual, especially when we’re able to greet the day with our partner. Life is just…

October 18, 2016

Cheese, Please

Who doesn’t love a gorgeous, flavorful, and aromatic cheese plate? Our version is overflowing and bountiful, with endless flavor combinations including the meat, cheese, fruit, and carbo-options. And ’tis (nearly) the season for parties and family gatherings, so make sure you’re equipped for a…

October 12, 2016

Clean & Bright Kitchen

In the old days, when couples were preparing to wed and setting up a registry, they selected a “color” to help guide guests when purchasing gifts. But just because you’re ready to commit to your soon-to-be husband or wife doesn’t mean you’re ready to commit…

September 29, 2016
pspiralizer (1)

Product Profile: Spiralizer

There’s little as satisfying or delicious as a heaping bowl of hot, creamy pasta. But if you’re trying to cut carbs, or simply eat healthier, we don’t have to tell you how wise it is to ditch the noodles. Enter your new best friend:…

September 20, 2016
highball (1)

Product Profile: Highball Glasses

Not all glassware was created equal, especially when it comes to your beloved post-work or Saturday night cocktail. While some selections have obvious uses (we’re looking at you beer mugs & champagne flutes!), we prefer the highball glass: the true utility player of your…

July 14, 2016

Product Profile: Blenders

With the growing popularity of smoothies, blenders have become 2016 kitchen essential. But some home chefs use them for food prep and emulsion, as well, so we thought a little Blender 101 might be helpful. What is a blender? Blenders are an at-home appliance…

June 27, 2016

A Fresh Shade for Summer

For the love of summer, let’s refresh your kitchen routine and introduce a bright shade of citrus to your every day basics. Add some fun to your usual baking with daffodil measuring cups, discover a new favorite in the pages of Momofuku, or try a…

June 16, 2016

French Café at Home

When looking for inspiration for your home, it’s always helpful to consider the things you love. Looking for a little kitchen inspiration? Whether you’ve shared a romantic getaway to France or simply love the look of a classic Parisian brasserie, it can be an…

May 12, 2016
pantry.001 (1)

10 Tips for a Better Pantry

Looking for another way to inspire better eating habits? We’ve found one of the best places to start is with your pantry. Take some time to clean out old items, then rearrange and restock with good health in mind. You’ll even avoid waste with…

May 4, 2016