Ariana & John Get Hitched!

October 6, 2018

Hello all!!!Welcome to our registry :)We are so happy that you will be attending our wedding! Below we have shared a few of things on our wish list. This may not be a traditional registry; however, we have listed a blend of wants/necessities that we believe will allow us to celebrate this joyous occasion and also prepare for the future. We both love a good adventure, John is desperately trying to get Ariana into golf (haha), and eventually (emphasis on eventually) we hope to move into a house in Southern California. Because these are group cash gifts, there is no specific amount required per individual. The biggest gift of all, however, is your presence on our Big Day. Thank you for your love, and we can’t wait to share our wedding day and future, thereafter, with you!! Love,John and Ariana (soon to be The Pfisters)

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