Cherie Black Wedding

March 30, 2019

Hello, family and friends! Thank you so much for viewing this registry. While the items here are ones that both Jared and I like and think will give us a solid start for our new life together, we are providing the registry more as ideas for your consideration. We encourage your creative investment! Perhaps you and others would like to purchase an item as a group? Or you might like to purchase a gift card for a particular store? In the end, please know that your presence in our lives is what is valued most [smile]. Blessings. ---------------------------------------------------Did you buy an item "in-store"? Here is how to make the item as "Purchased" on the registry: 1) Select the item. 2) On the pop-up window, select "Already Purchased This Gift" at the bottom. 3) On the next screen, under "Purchased", select "In-store" from the drop-down box. 4) Provide an email to receive a confirmation/thank you note and click "Submit."

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