Baby Manzano Alignment Reveal Shower Party

May 25, 2019

Thank you for falling down the baby hole with us by taking a look at our registry. Holy hot damn, there are a lot of baby supplies! Our goal is to provide some practical and (mostly) inexpensive ideas for those of you who would like to give gifts or donate to a worthy cause in honor of the impending arrival of our larval human. The baby shower will be taking place on Saturday, May 25th at Grandma & Grandpa's house. It will be a pot-luck style celebration and all are welcome. Gifts are totally optional, but as always FUN IS MANDATORY. The theme is Adventurers, and there will be a Grand Revealing of the larval human's Alignment by our very own Dungeon Master of Ceremonies. Don your best adventurer gear and join us! Some questions about the registry, answered: Q: WTF is that thing and why do you need it? A: I honestly don't know but several weeks of internet research has led me to believe it will not be completely useless and may please the larval human and/or keep it's squishy body safe/warm/cool/dry/etc. Q: I found that thing used! And it's in pretty good condition! A: Freakin' sweet! You know we are thrift store MASTERS so please, by all means, buy used when it's possible and appropriate (no used diapers you scum). If you're wondering if it's a good find, feel free to ask. Q: I found the thing for a better price in a different color or somesuch! A: Also freakin' sweet! Larval human will expel fluids on all the colors with equal gratitude. If you're wondering if we'll like it, feel free to ask. Q: I don't want to support, buying local is totes better. A: I agree! Though we definitely do some internet shopping, online stores are also good for just falling down that baby hole and checking out all the crazy things people purchase for their spawn. Plus, there is this cool widget that lets us put things on the registry with minimal effort. Q: I found this other thing I think you will really like / need / giggle-snort over! A: Yaaaaaas! You know us - we are nerds, goths, metal heads, gamers, adventurers, scientists and witches. All we ask is that the thing is not white (again, minimal effort), not made of tiny parts, and non-toxic.See you at the Feast!

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