Doug and Karen York Wedding

July 13, 2018

941Lost in the fog of failed hopes and dreamsA light that could barely shine throughSo many things were never as they seemUntil the day that I finally met you.One type of a “click” parlayed to anotherEven though it was tough to accept the 941It seemed that distance would quickly undo usAll would be lost before it ever begun.One didn’t allow 14 and 6 to preventThat person saw what they wanted and held fastAfter a time the other realized what was thereAnd soon formed a foundation built to last.It did not take long for the “pricks” to begin kickingAny good thing must endure trials.Over the 941 this love is stickingThrough it all there remains vibrant smiles.Come and share these dates with themThe 12th and 13th of July.How’d they overcome 14 and 6 or the 941?You’ll have to show up… to find out why! ;-)

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