Mandy & Daniel kissing in a tree

September 22, 2018

Hey there, Thanks for stopping by! Below is a handy dandy list of random things we think would be awesome presents that you are by no means obligated to buy us. You could bring us a card instead.. or just your face. We'd like that too. ;)...However, If you do decide to buy us presents you'll probably need our address --> 3670 S. Lincoln St., Apt B310, Englewood, CO 80113.ALSO, protip: The items below are mostly just suggestions (though they are listed in order of awesomeness) and you don't necessarily need to buy that exact item. Take the rice cooker, for example. I don't need to have that EXACT rice cooker, any rice cooker would do really. Mostly, I just hate cooking rice (Mandy here, obviously. Daniel doesn't care about rice cookers. Though if he ever cooked rice he'd probably agree that cooking rice kinda sucks.) Anyway...that said, I refer you to the above disclaimer. This list is mostly here because buying presents for people is awesome but trying to decide what on earth to get them is, well, less awesome. So this is our attempt to make your life easier ....but as I said before, all you actually need to do is come say hi and eat pizza with us. I'll stop babbling now. See you at the wedding! Love,Mandy & Daniel