Meghan Cranford & Taylor Richardson Wedding

September 22, 2019

♡Hello! ♡This website is for monetary (cash) gifts that will go towards our honeymoon in Hawaii- such as airfare, hotel stay, and activities there (we have some fun things planned such as snorkling, horseback riding, helicopter ride, and romantic dinners). When you click on each activity, I list the EXACT company we plan to use, their website link, and prices stated on their website. ☆If you would prefer to gift an item (instead using Blueprint) please go IN STORE to BED BATH &BEYOND to find our registry for that store. ♡ We do greatly appreciate whatever gift you decide to give us, whether at Bed Bath& Beyond or online here at Blueprint. All gifts will help us on our new journey together as husband and wife, and will help give us moments to cherish for the rest of our lives. ~~The most important gift to us, above all, is having our family and friends make it to our wedding, safe and in good health, to celebrate a special day with us. ♡ ~~ Notes: Online, for the blueprint registry, you have the option to "Group contribute", under each activity. This means you do NOT have to pay for the ENTIRE amount for an acitvity. [For example: Helicopter ride= $300. You do not have to put down $300 total! You can contribute $30 towards it if you wish. (Kind of like a classier go-fund me ;) ).

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