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Saúl Amezcua Graduation

May 25, 2019

Currently, I am a senior doing a joint major of Political Studies & Human Rights here at Bard College. I am working on my senior project that is focusing on the policy that invoked the separation of immigrant families, which happened at the border earlier this year. I am focusing on the U.S. history in policymaking dealing with the social and political climate that lead up to the Trump administration enacting the policy to separate children from their caretakers when they arrived at the U.S. southern border. So far it has been a very heavy subject that has been emotionally and physically straining but without a doubt rewarding in terms of educating myself and others on the U.S. immigration system. I am also currently working very strongly with Brothers at Bard as one of their J.P. Morgan Chase TFI Fellows. The J.P. Morgan Chase Fellowship Initiative (TFI) provides intensive academic and leadership training to help young men of color from economically-distressed communities complete their high school education and better prepare them to excel in colleges and universities. Me alongside five other Brothers at Bard mentors visit their New York City location where we provide workshops and career development opportunities to the young men participating within the program. This has been an amazing experience, as I love to mentor, guide, learn and grow from these amazing young men in the New York City area. I will be doing this every month until I graduate in May 2019. After I graduate I have accepted a teaching position at Success Academy Charter Schools, which is the largest and highest-performing free, public charter school network in the greater New York City area. I hope to do this for 1-2 years before I apply to Law School. I will be working at their Washinton Heights location teaching elementary school and I am extremely excited to begin working with the children and parents of the community, especially since Washinton Heights is a prominent Latino immigrant community. I hope to gain many skills from teaching that will further advance my mastery in education and interpersonal relationships. After I feel like the time is right to begin my journey in Law School I will take the LSAT and begin my application process. I hope to focus on Immigration Law or Criminal Defense Law where my passion lies.

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