Satoshi & Kazue Kiyono Wedding

September 2, 2018

Hi Everyone! Thank you for visiting our registry! Please let us express that your presence at our wedding is the greatest gift we could ask for and that you should not feel obligated to give us anything more than the unforgettable memories we'll be making!If you strongly insist to honor us with a gift, we hope you can find this registry as a way to help us make our perfect honeymoon come true! While we have been quite international for some time (due to our long distance relationship), we are thrilled to have our first real vacation together as husband & wife (and board the same airplane this time lol). We are thinking Italy right now and your contributions will definitely help us add some stars to our accommodations and travels! We greatly appreciate and will fondly remember these gifts for years to come! We'll certainly document (with minimal photoshopping lol) and look forward to share them with you over some wine and cheese!Thanks again and can't wait to see you at our wedding (or sooner of course!)Satoshi & Kazue