"Tsquared" Tyler and Taya's Honeymoon

September 1, 2018

Welcome to our online event!!! As many of you may know, Tyler is working in Wisconsin and Taya's dream job is in Illinois. Since this newlywed couple isn't sure where they will lay down the welcome mat, instead of hosting a gathering and borrowing your precious time during the summer, we thought this honeymoon fund would be a modern way to celebrate Tyler and Taya on their special day, while enjoying one less obligation this summer!!!For their honeymoon, "T squared" plan to head to Padre Island. After a few days in the sun, Taya has the ultimate surprise in store for Tyler while they are in Texas. To participate in this online event, all you do is click on an option and follow the directions. Please be sure to fill out the gift card with some traveling advice or honeymoon advice!!Thank you so much for your time and support. We can't wait to see you all September 1st. Love, Traci, Micayla, Allyssa, and Megan (soon to be) Post.

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