Registry Benefits

Why Blueprint goes a step above the rest

Shop Room by Room

Skip the traditional registry and shop room by room through visual blueprints.

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Top Retailers & Brands

Shop top retailers and brands in one location! Easily sort gifts by retailer, style, price & more.

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Cash Registry

Add some fun to your registry with a honeymoon fund, baby fund, or charity fund.

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Import Existing Registry

Already have a registry or many? No problem, easily import your registry today!

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Add Gifts From Anywhere

Add a gift from any website with our ‘Add to Blueprint’ Button.

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Completely Free

Our platform charges $0, so you can keep more!

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Group Gifting

Make any gift a group gift so your friends & family can contribute to your most desired items.

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Personalized Registry

Customize your registry to make it unique to you.

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Gift Tracker

Manage your gifts & thank you cards in one place.

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Completion Discount

Treat yourself all year long with 10% off items on your registry!

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Registry Concierge

Need help? Let the pros on our concierge team support you in whatever you need!

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Registry for Every Occasion

Create a registry or wishlist for your wedding, new baby, birthday & more!

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