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The Benefits of Target Wedding Registry

The Target wedding registry is a great option for newlywed couples seeking affordable and trendy homewares. They carry a wide variety of products, ranging from traditional wedding gift options such as cookware and decor to more modern gifts types such as smart home technologies and camping gear. In addition to the diverse gift selection and affordable pricing, registering at Target offers a convenient option for wedding guests who prefer to buy gifts in store as they have nearly 1,800 stores nationwide. Other benefits of a Target wedding registry include a 15% completion discount for gifts that are not purchased as well as hassle free returns & exchanges for couples up to one year after your wedding date. As a preferred partner of Blueprint, when you create a Target registry, your products will automatically be imported in your Blueprint to manage all your gifts from a central place. If you choose not to create a Target registry, you can still add and browse their top trending gifts from the Blueprint catalog. Start your new life together in style with the great products and deals they offer.


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You may return or exchange registry items up to 1 year after your event

Benefits and perks may change. Please check with the retailer for terms and conditions.

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