Tre and Macy's Wedding

July 20, 2019

"Once in awhile, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale."What we want most for our wedding is to have all of our friends and family together. More than anything, we consider your presence to be our present. That said, if you really would like to get us something tangible, you can locate all registries below! Thank you for viewing! Our Story:Tre and I met freshman year of high school and instantly hit it off as friends. We became very close over the years and created countless memories together not knowing that before we knew it, we'd be saying "I love you" as more than just friends. Our senior year of high school, Sparks start to fly and we made the decision to take the next move and start dating. Five years later and our hearts are overflowing with love for one another. Together, we have created hopes and dreams for our future as a couple and family. We have experienced college, adulthood, three moves and wedding planning together; now we cannot wait to add MR&MRS to the list! ❤️

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