Bebe Bottazzi

July 7, 2019

Hello friends and family!Thank you for all the happy wishes you have all sent out to us in the past few months. We are beyond excited to welcome our daughter this 07.07.2019. Some of you have enquired about a baby shower and want to shower our baby girl with gifts. We thank you all for your kind thoughts but due to our hectic schedules and considering the size of our home we have decided to be strategic with what we need to get for her. If you insist on getting us gifts we created the following registry based on the space we live in, the experiences we would like to have with our daughter and the advice we have recently received from all our new parent friends who have been honest and sincere with what they have found useful and meaningful during the arrival of their newborn. We are ecstatic and elated to raise our environmentally conscious baby. Thank you for taking the time to read this!

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