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Wesley & Chelcea Cummings’ Baby Registry

August 23, 2019

THANK YOU for visiting our registry! You're so sweet to even consider gifting us with items for Baby Cummings. We are so grateful for you!______PURCHASING FROM ANOTHER STORE: Below we've collected some items we think we'll need to get started and many items can be found at multiple stores. So if you prefer to find the same item at a different store (especially if you find it cheaper or can use coupons!), feel free to do so. You have the option to claim the item as "Already Purchased this Gift" if you decide to purchase it from a store other than the one listed. ______CASH GROUP GIFTS: Some higher priced items are set as "Cash Group Gift" items, which means you can contribute toward that gift in any amount you prefer. You can work together with friends (or others you don't know that visit this registry) to contribute toward those gifts. If you wanted to purchase those more pricey gifts in whole instead of partially contributing (wow, thank you!), just contact us personally (or to remain anonymous for now, let one of our family members know and they can tell us for you), and we can switch the settings to a non-group gift that you can purchase as a physical gift instead of a cash gift. ______BOY OR GIRL? We're some of the crazy people waiting until birth to be surprised if our baby is a boy or girl! So that's why you don't see any baby clothes or swaddles listed! We already have a good amount of gender-neutral onesies and swaddles to get us started, but if you prefer to gift us with clothes instead of baby gear essentials, we like colors like light/medium blues, mint, grays, white/cream, black, and stripes for either boy or girl. Once Baby is born, then we'll get to shop for all the cute gender-specific clothing & items.

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