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Felix & Larissa's baby

May 11, 2019

Dear friends,Felix and I are so excited to begin our adventure as first-time parents! As you know, in addition to having a baby I am also moving to Germany! (Why make things simple if they can be complicated?) ☺ Because of this move, I am very restricted as far as the number of things I can take with me. I know how fun and cute it is to get new baby items, but if you would like to contribute in any way, a cash gift would be the most appreciated. (You can do it here or at the party.) I promise that everything will go for all the baby stuff, and I'll be happy to share pictures with all of you later! But the best gift of all would be your presence at my baby shower/going away party! I am looking forward to seeing you there! Much love ♥ Larissa, Felix, and baby Campos-Buck

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