Dunn Wedding-Honeymoon Funds

November 17, 2018

Thank you for visiting our registry page! Here is a little background about how Nathan and I met and how we got here! Nathan and I met a little more than Five years ago among mutual friends. I know for me, I fell in love with Nathans humor and lets face it, good looks! Didn't take long for us to start dating. I would hardly call it dating though! After a month of dating we got our first apartment together. This was the first time I moved out of my parents house. Some say, we moved to quickly but, for us it felt right! Two years later we find our self pregnant with Liam, a god sent! We definitely did not expect to become parents so early but we sure love every minute of it, wouldn't change a thing! Then, another two years went by and we found that living in a two bedroom one bathroom apartment was just not big enough for the us and growing boy so, last year we were lucky enough to purchase our first home! At this point, only one little thing was missing from our lives, Nathan finally realized...MARRIAGE! Nathan Proposed in Paris, France October 2017!! So, with that all being said we ask you this: instead of gifts we would much rather have you invest in our Honey Moon in Cancun, Mexico! Neither of us have ever been to Mexico. Please help us experience all Cancun has to offer leaving us with the most memorable vacation yet! We thank you all again for being part of our lives and our special day! XOXO

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