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Stoeck-Stranges Wedding

August 3, 2019

We are so lucky to be able to spend our wedding day with all our family and friends; know that your presence is truly all the present we need. Please do not feel obligated to give us anything else. Perhaps because we're not young newlyweds just establishing our home, we are lucky to have all the basic things we need to fill a household. Should you wish to gift us something to start our married life together, we do have a wedding registry. But since the things that are most important to us are not things, there are charity and experience funds that mean a lot to us included among the few home upgrade items listed. If you do purchase an item listed here, be sure to mark it as purchased on this site so that others will know it has been purchased. The Target items are also available on Target's store registry. However, please know that all we really want for our special day is to have you there to celebrate with us!

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