Sara Crandall & John McGraw Wedding

May 19, 2019

John and I are thrilled to have found love in one another. We immediately knew that our love was special and purposeful, that God had sent us to one another at the right time and the right place in our lives. Our home is full of the necessities so we do not need lots of gifts. As our true gift is each other and the gift of marrying one another. John and I will be paying for our own wedding, so we thought that if you choose to gift us, you could help with the honeymoon. There will be a card box and gift table available at the wedding if this is your preference,and we have added registry at Target for bridal shower and wedding. Most importantly we just hope that you are all present on our special day, so gifts are merely a suggestion. Due to the location of our wedding, hotel will be needed. Local Hotel accommodations include Mcminnville Hotels- Atticus Hotel, Red Lion Inn & Suites, And the Comfort Inn. Newberg ( where we live) Best Western ( it’s actually nice) & Holiday Inn Express. Also anywhere in the Portland area. ( Mcminnville is an hour drive away rental cars will be needed and can be rented at the Portland Airport, airport code PDX) There is a free parking garage on Davis and 5th. The entrance to ballroom is on 3rd between Davis and Cowls and for handicap access there is back entry with elevator.

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