Jeanine Leclaire & Nick Thomson Wedding

September 30, 2018

We'd also love something made by you, something you love but no longer have room for, a framed photo of you, some art you've made and want to share, or just you and your smiling faces at our wedding.NOTE: Apparently there have been some hiccups with the order process, so just remember our address is:5009 Florence AvePhiladelphia, PA 19143ALSO: Once you've ordered an item, make sure to copy the order number from your completed purchase, and type it into the item's entry on the Blueprint registry page, so that the site knows to display the item as "PURCHASED." I'm writing this in light of my friend pointing out that "it would be kind of funny if you guys received 17 hammocks." As we have no plans to open a youth hostel, I became alarmed at the potential for an "embarrassment of hammocks." —Nick

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Gifts Available: 55