Can't wait to celebrate with you in December! Third times a charm :)

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We're Married! (Let's finally celebrate!)

December 10, 2022 ∙ Santa Barbara, CA

We are so excited to celebrate our wedding with you!
All our love, Eric + Katie

In 2016, Eric took Katie on her first abalone camping trip. On their way home, they pulled over to a cliff edge near Jenner, CA. They laid out their picnic blanket, devoured sandwiches from Judi, and excitedly discussed their future together.


They decided this cliff would forever be known as "their spot". They went back for picnics at this spot as often as they could and 3 years later, E came up with an elaborate plan. E told K they were meeting Mitch & Chelsea in Healdsburg. (Thanks guys!) Mitch texted E they were delayed with errands. With that news, he slyly suggested to Katie that they could stop at "their spot". Thank God she's gullible because that makes zero logistical sense. But she was along for the ride & Eric put on a captivating podcast to distract her. Once they were close to "the spot", Eric abruptly turned off the podcast and Katie was all impressed that Eric had so quickly found the turnoff, but really Eric had been studying the GPS coordinates all week!

SO, K laid out the picnic blanket in the same place they always did. Since they had planned on the day in Healdsburg, they were looking good for "the spot". This prompted Eric to say "let's take a photo I have the go pro!" Duh, Eric ALWAYS has a GoPro. They walked around the cliff as they had done many times before. Eric took Katie's hand and turned her around. She turned to Eric, down on one knee. Eric said nice things as Katie tried to figure out if she was dreaming. Then he pulled out the ring box. This ring box belonged to her Great-Grandmother. When Katie's Gran passed away, her Grandfather, Jake, gave this box to Katie. Jake passed away a month later, making the moment he gave this sentimental gift to Katie the last time she was able to see her Jake. Once the ring was on her finger they jumped up and down in celebration and eventually made their way to the picnic blanket. After a glass or two of champs, someone remarked behind them, "hey, what are you guys doing here?"...Katie turned around to see Mike with his camera. He had been hiding in the bushes for 2 hrs and had the tick bites to show for it! They are so grateful Mike was there to capture the moment and celebrate with them.