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What's New at Blueprint?

July 23rd, 2019
What's New at Blueprint?

There’s been a lot going on behind the scenes at Blueprint recently.

As the landscape of registries and wedding websites changes, so do we—and for the better. Our primary goal is always for you, our lovely users, to have the best experience out there. The last year has especially brought a lot of changes, but the constant remains the same: we’re here to give you the most powerful and streamlined registry and wedding website product out there.

Let’s dive into what we’ve been cooking up!

Option to absorb credit card fees for cash gifts 💳

We heard your feedback and agree with you!

If you feel uneasy about your guests paying an additional 2.5% credit card fee for contributing to cash gifts, you can now choose to absorb the fee so your guests don’t have to pay it. All fundraising platforms have credit card fees, but ours is the lowest out there. So whether you choose to absorb the fee or not, you and your guests will be getting the most out of your money.

You can make changes to your credit card processor fees in your event settings.

New Event & Account Settings 📝

Now that we’ve launched wedding websites, lots of our users were managing their registry and website with two separate dashboards. This didn’t make any sense. Who wants to do all of that back and forth? Not us, and we didn’t want that for you either.

Instead of bouncing around between managers, all of your settings—website and registry alike—are in one location. Switch between registries, publish your website and/or registry, and make changes to the aforementioned ⬆️ credit card fee settings.

Gift cards are BACK  🛍

Boy howdy, are we excited about this one! Gift cards on Blueprint went on a long vacation, but they’re back and ready to fulfill your registry dreams. Let your guests give you the gift of choice!

You can add gift cards from your favorite retailers right to your registry from our catalog. They can be found shopping room by room, but if you need a good place to start, be sure to check out our gift card collection.

ICYMI: More Blueprint News and Updates

  • We joined the David’s Bridal Family! Read more here.
  • We launched our fabulous Wedding Website Builder 🎉
  • You can now add EMOJIS to your registry name and welcome message 🥳💍🥂
  • Our Help Center has a gorgeous new look, and finding answers to your burning questions is easier than ever
  • Start your wedding website to get a peek at the all new Events Manager
  • Our Add to Blueprint Extension button is better than ever on Chrome and Safari

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