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The Great Outdoors: Sample Baby Registry

March 5th, 2018
The Great Outdoors: Sample Baby Registry

Chris and Austin live for and love the great outdoors.

Chris, a CPA and experienced hiker and Austin, a professor of geology, live outside Peoria, Arizona and are thrilled to welcome their first adopted son, Ali. They can’t wait to take him on his first camping trip to the Grand Canyon, or lull him to sleep under the Northern Lights in Montana, and they want to be prepared for all the adventures the Great Outdoors has to offer their family.

Chris and Austin are looking for everything—all the usual baby essentials to put together a fantastic and functional home nursery, but especially plenty of great outdoor baby gear. Luckily, there are a lot of fun and practical baby gear options available, and they know they’ll get excellent use out of all of it. With all the adventuring they do, every item on their registry will get it’s full intended use.

Chris and Austin spend every possible free moment exploring the world outside their home, so they’re less concerned with nursery decor as they are with baby products that will help them with the basics inside their home, and also for embarking on countless adventures with Baby Ali when the time comes. Their ultimate goal is to be a family of happy campers!

Does a camping and outdoor-themed baby registry sound like it’s right for you?

Questions + Considerations

I’m not sure where to begin when building my baby registry.

Don’t stress—Start with the essentials and then move on to miscellaneous items. Since the focus of your baby registry will be on camping and the outdoors, then take care of those items first and move on to the rest.

Is there a firm number of gifts I should have on my baby registry?

Try not to focus too hard on a number of items, and start your registry as if it were a personal baby essentials shopping list. A baby registry is a great tool to outline all the “must-have” items you’ll need for your baby. Guests are more than likely going to purchase gifts off registry, as well, so make sure to only include items you really want on your registry. It’s also a good idea to think about how many guests may be attending your baby shower and how many of them will likely purchase directly from your registry.

Do you have any recommendations for where to locate camping gear for a baby?

Blueprint Registry has dedicated a category of items that are for “outdoor” activities when shopping on our site, and we also list items from a variety of top retailers

How do I share Blueprint Registry with my guests?

Registrants may share the custom URL created upon registering with us, or simply tell your guests that you’re are registered with and to search for your name.

You can add our favorite baby products from Baby Ali’s camping and outdoors themed registry to your own, and don’t forget to check out the full sample registry here.

It’s time to start exploring! Visit Baby Ali’s full sample registry for even more ideas and inspiration for your soon-to-be happy camper, or get started on your outdoor-themed baby registry today.


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