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The Bachelorette Party: Sample Registry

March 1st, 2018
The Bachelorette Party: Sample Registry

Gift giving has become a regular part of modern bachelorette parties, and usually follows some sort of theme: sleepwear, beauty, bikini, or our personal favorite, lingerie.

But for something hyper-personal like lingerie, even your best gals might struggle to pick something that fits (or that you even like!). By creating a bachelorette registry, your friends will know they are buying something you’ll truly love.

Noticed that we don’t carry Victoria’s Secret in our inventory? Don’t fret! With our Add Gift from Anywhere button, adding gifts from any retailer on the internet is easy as pie.

Jesse and her longtime love, Trevor, are tying the knot in early fall, but not before she spends a long celebratory weekend in Palm Springs with all her best gals. They’re planning to shower her with beautiful lingerie, as well as other gifts that’ll add some pizzazz to the weekend. And her friends can rest easy knowing they’re spending their money on gifts Jesse will love to wear.

Think a bachelorette registry might be helpful for your upcoming bash?

Questions + Considerations

I’m not sure where to begin when building my registry? For a bachelorette party? Have fun with it! Keep in mind that you know your audience, and err on the side of caution when listing gifts on your registry. Your bachelorette registry may be passed around to folks outside of your party list, and you want to be comfortable explaining your decisions to others if necessary.

Can you give me a firm number of gifts I should have? The same rule for wedding registries: two gifts per person.

How do I share Blueprint Registry with my guests? Registrants may share their custom URL, or simply say that they are registered with Blueprint

See below for some of Jesse’s choices, and don’t miss the rest of her fun bachelorette registry.

Nora Robe - S

Nora Robe - S

From Oui Hours


Rose Delight Candle

Rose Delight Candle

From Nordstrom


Check out Jesse’s sample bachelorette registry, or get started on your own!

See Jesse’s Bachelorette registrystart your own registry today


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