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The Urban Minimalist: Sample Baby Registry

March 5th, 2018
The Urban Minimalist: Sample Baby Registry

If you’re a city dweller you’ve probably realized preparing for a baby in a busy, urban setting takes some extra careful decisions and considerations.

You likely have limited space in your home, may need to climb stairs or take elevators regularly to get inside buildings, and navigate crowded streets and stores. You want to make sure you have all the essentials in your registry without accumulating too much stuff, but let’s be honest—you also would love for it to look great in your minimalist home.

Meet Anthony and Ingrid—two long-time residents of San Francisco and soon-to-be urban city parents. As much as they would love an extra room in their small 3rd floor apartment to set up a nursery for Baby Luna, for now they have to work within the limited space they do have. They’re hopeful, however—they know that with the right furniture and decor they can make even a small shared space feel big.

Their apartment building doesn’t have an elevator, so they’re especially interested in lightweight gear that can be packed up and carried with ease. Their home decor is minimalistic, and they embrace clean lines and bright whites and neutrals. They’re thrilled to decorate Luna’s space in a similar fashion, and find gear that will help them maneuver their busy and complex city lifestyle.

Does an urban, minimalist baby registry sound right for you?

Questions + Considerations

I’m not sure where to begin when building my registry.

Start with the basics that you know you’ll need, and then shop for miscellaneous items. For example, you’ll want to have your stroller picked out first before you’re too exhausted from miscellaneous shopping to read stroller reviews. Once you have the essentials down, there are plenty of other fun ways to customize your baby registry, including cash funds or gift cards from featured top retailers.

Is there a firm number of gifts I should have on my registry?

Try not to worry about numbers and treat it as if it were your personal baby shopping list. It’s better to think of your baby registry as your list for personal baby “must-haves.”  A baby registry is a great tool for you to list all of the items you think you’ll need for your baby. Guests will often purchase gifts off-registry, so it’s very likely that you’ll receive gifts you didn’t ask for. You should make doubly sure that the items on your registry are things you’ll actually want, especially if you have limited space in your home. 

I’m interested in cash funds for my registry—is there a fee to use Blueprint for them?

Blueprint Registry is completely free for registrants to build their registry, wishlist, and fundraiser.

How does Blueprint transfer cash donations to registrants?

Blueprint offers the ability to collect cash funds through PayPal, bank transfer, and retailer eGift cards.

You can add our favorite items from Baby Luna’s baby registry directly to your own baby registry, and be sure to check out their full registry here for more inspiration.

Are you city-dwellers with limited home space and a minimalist aesthetic? Visit Baby Luna in the Big City’s full baby registry for some ideas and inspiration.


See Baby Luna’s Baby RegistryStart your baby registry today


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