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The Post-Grad: Graduation Sample Registry

May 7th, 2019
The Post-Grad: Graduation Sample Registry

Armed with her high school diploma and UW acceptance, Jamie is ready to dive head first into independent college life… almost.

Although her excitement for her new life adventure won’t quit, there is the lingering worry that she has all the tools needed to make sure she’s comfortable and successful while away at school. Finances are tight after her parents’ initial tuition installment, but luckily for her, proud friends and family have asked how they can contribute to her next big chapter.

Instead of handing off spontaneous gift ideas to loved ones, Jamie decided to get organized. She created a Blueprint graduation registry to collect all her ideas for physical gifts and cash funds in one place. Jamie took extra care to make sure she included all her dorm room and academic essentials, but also included a couple cash funds to help her have a little fun along the way. After all, it’s her last summer at home with her high school friends before they jet off to college.

By sharing her personalized URL to her friends and family, Jamie is comforted knowing she’ll be ready for her newfound independence, while still accomplishing great things at school.

Does a graduation registry sound right for you?



Questions & Considerations

How do I get started with a graduation registry?

Keep it personal, keep it unique, and keep it realistic. Start by creating a Blueprint account and editing your images and welcome message. Visit our physical gift catalog, cash gift catalog, and graduation collections to start adding gifts. And finally, don’t forget to install our Blueprint chrome button to add gifts from any online store.

How do I personalize my registry?

Photos, gift names, gift descriptions, themes—you can build your registry around anything you want. We’ve seen silly photos and funny descriptions for a light-hearted approach. We’ve also seen registries that are all around a theme (like a forest fantasy, color families, etc.). The most important thing is that your voice and vision shines through.

Hot Blueprint Tip: We’ve found the more personalized a registry is, the more guests are likely to purchase and contribute. Make sure your loved ones can feel your personal touch throughout your registry.

Is there a fee to using Blueprint?

Blueprint is free for you and your gift-givers to use. Gifts are purchased by your gift-givers directly from each online retailer. They are only responsible for the purchase price and shipping of the gifts.

The only exception may apply if you’ve added cash funds to your registry and the gift-giver wants to contribute. They will see a handling fee added to their cash fund order of 2.5%.

Full details and how you can collect your cash funds can be found here.

How do I share my registry with loved ones?

Traditionally, registries are shared best by word-of-mouth. When you share, make sure you mention you’re registered at under your full name. Knowing the first and last name on your Blueprint account will make searching for your registry much easier.

You can also share your registry URL as a direct link to your registry. Your custom URL can be found—and edited—in your Registry Settings.

You can add our favorite gifts and cash funds from Jamie’s graduation sample registry to your own, or you can view her full sample registry here.

Amazon Prime Membership

Amazon Prime Membership

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Are you ready to use Blueprint to help you organize your post-grad wishlist? View Jamie’s sample registry and start your own today!




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