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#BlueprintPair: Amanda & Jason

February 1st, 2017
#BlueprintPair: Amanda & Jason

This Blueprint Pair has one of the sweetest proposal stories we’ve ever heard—and there’s a video to boot!

Jason and Amanda stole each other’s hearts, and then they stole ours. Read on for some SoCal eye candy and a peek into their love story. And don’t miss the YouTube link to their engagement footage!


How did you two meet? What did you do for your first date?

Amanda: Jason and I met at Biola University from mutual friends at first, but really started getting to know one another when we both happened to move into the same apartment complex! We would always hang out in each other’s apartments with all our roommates and we have so many great memories from our time there. It’s crazy because we actually grew up about 5 miles apart from each other. Newport Beach for me, Costa Mesa for him, but we didn’t meet until college. On our first date, Jason wanted to show me his favorite spots around Costa Mesa that meant a lot to him growing up. He took me to one of his family’s favorite crêpe spots, as well as a couple other places that were important to him. After that we went back to his apartment where we cooked dinner and he brought my favorite movie to watch. Little did I know that it would be the best first date and the last first date I’d ever have!

Tell us your proposal story!

Jason: We had so many great memories in my old apartment: our first date, our first kiss, the first time I told her I loved her. But the most important memory for me was sitting in my living room before our first date and just knowing that she was the one. And I thought that when the day eventually came when I’d ask her to marry me, it’d be be cool to somehow incorporate this apartment. So, three years later, my old roommates helped me recreate our first date in our old living room in that exact same apartment, which Biola let me rent out for the day. There is this bench right outside where we used to go sit and talk all the time, and every now and then we still go there. So I took her to the bench, and my family helped me stage a little ploy for me to get upstairs to the apartment before she did, and I guess the rest is history.

Jason filmed the proposal and made a video… grab a tissue and watch it all unfold here!


We’d love to know a little about your wedding.

We are getting married in April of 2017 in Silverado, CA at the gorgeous Rancho Las Lomas! We’ve both been learning so much about marriage and what it represents, and we’re so excited to be able reflect something that God first designed. And as for wedding details, we wouldn’t say that there’s a particular detail that we’re most excited about, but probably seeing our vision that we’ve had since the beginning come to life after months and months of planning. That really excites us!

Why did you choose Blueprint Registry?

We chose Blueprint Registry because some of our friends used it for their wedding a few months ago and we found it so easy, but also so aesthetically pleasing! A lot of other registry sites look so boring and Blueprint is simple, modern, and everyone has loved using it.


Which gift have you received is your favorite?

Probably all the baking and cooking stuff. We love making food together whether it’s grilling steaks or making a soufflé.

What’s your favorite Blueprint feature?

It’s just super easy to navigate because everything is linked to the same exact place, no matter what store they’re from, so we really love that.


What advice do you have for people planning their wedding, or for building their registry?

Just have fun with it. We heard how hard engagement season could be, but for us it’s been so fun. We’ve done every part of the planning process together so it has truly been a joy rather than a stressful time. It’s been cool to put a little bit of the both of us in every little detail. Also, take your time and don’t stress about the process. Each thing will work out when it’s supposed to, so just take each thing as it comes. We’ve definitely enjoyed it, but are so ready for April to come!

Congratulations to the happy couple from the entire Blueprint Team! Check out their gorgeous registry here.

Wedding photography by Kayci Decker Photography.


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