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Product Profile: Spiralizer

September 20th, 2016
Product Profile: Spiralizer

There’s little as satisfying or delicious as a heaping bowl of hot, creamy pasta.

But if you’re trying to cut carbs, simply eat healthier, we don’t have to tell you how wise it is to ditch the noodles.

Enter your new best friend: the spiralizer. This nifty contraption slices fresh vegetables and fruits into spaghetti-like strands that operate as pretty close pasta substitutes.

But if pasta isn’t what you’re craving, you’ll find many other uses for your spiralizer. Your stir-fry will fry much quicker with thinner vegetables. And at-home curly fries have never been easier (or healthier!).

And the spiralizer is more than just function — it can add beauty and flair to your dishes, too. Sprinkle some spiralized apples or pears to your salad and you’re sure to receive compliments from your guests.

Spiralized butternut squash pasta may not taste quite the same as a heaping bowl of mac and cheese, but throw in some meat, cheese, and sauces and you’ll get pretty close, without the carbs.

It may seem like a niche kitchen tool, but we promise you’ll be happy to have had it on your registry. Especially because they won’t break the bank, too.



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