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5 Useful Honeymoon Registry Wording Tips and Ideas


5 Useful Honeymoon Registry Wording Tips and Ideas

April 20th, 2018
5 Useful Honeymoon Registry Wording Tips and Ideas

Wedding registries have come a long way since the days of department store gun-scanning and paper records.

With modern universal registries like Blueprint Registry, couples can add gifts from anywhere, import existing registries, and even create custom cash gifts for an epic honeymoon. For the couple that has everything in terms of physical items, a honeymoon registry may sound like a great idea. But there still lies the question of “how do we ask for cash while not sounding tacky?”

Finding the right words, especially when asking for gifts, is hard. Traditionally, asking for wedding gifts at all is considered uncouth, and asking for cash gifts… even the idea was taboo. Times have changed, however, and honeymoon funds are not only on the upswing, but they’re becoming a registry staple.

Whether you’re only planning on having a honeymoon fund, or are sprinkling cash fund options among traditional gift items, there’s a right way to do it. In fact, there are several creative and tasteful ways to craft the wording on your honeymoon registry.

The honest approach

Honesty will forever and ever be the best policy. Modern couples aren’t waiting until marriage to move out of their parent’s homes and move in with each other. Most couples live on their own, or move in together before marriage. By the time the wedding rolls around, they have all the household items they need and would prefer to receive gifts they could actually use.

Be honest about the intent of your registry with your guests. Add context, reasoning, and gratitude in your descriptions. For example:

Example 1

“As we begin our lives together, we are especially grateful for support from our loved ones. We recognize how lucky we are to be blessed with the necessities of everyday life, and have decided to instead plan an unforgettable honeymoon to Bora Bora to celebrate the beginning of  our married life together. Our wedding registry consists of experiences and expenses for our honeymoon where guests can make contributions if so inclined. The biggest gift of all, however, is your presence on our Big Day. Thank you for your love, and we can’t wait to share our honeymoon adventures with you!”

Example 2

“Our friends and family know we like to do things a little differently. Although we have a few traditional gifts on our registry for some household upgrades, we decided an epic honeymoon was more suited to our taste and lifestyle so we made it the focal point of our registry. If you’d like, please help send us along on a memorable backpacking trek across South America by contributing to some of our honeymoon cash gift experiences. Thank you so much for keeping us in your minds and hearts—we’re so grateful for all of you!”

Anyone can be a poet

If a poem suits you and your partner’s personalities and will be well-received by your guests, there’s no reason why you can’t inject a little fun and creativity into your registry wording. Consider limericks (AABBA format) or using iambic pentameter (think Shakespeare’s sonnets)—both of these styles are fun, rhythmic, and easy to read.

Tack on a short note after the poem if the poem didn’t capture all the details of your plans. For example:

Example 1

“Our household wants of few things

And we’d like to spread our adventurous wings

On a trip to Barcelona, Spain

Of Sagrada Familia fame

Any gift will make our hearts sing.

To our friends and family: We are fortunate to want for nothing in our home, so we’ve decided to use our registry for a fabulous honeymoon instead. We’ve added experiences to our registry that guest can contribute to should they desire. We are eternally grateful!”

Example 2

“Our loved ones who know us well

Will know our home is rather swell.

Help us pack our bags

(Bring on the jet lag!)

For a honeymoon post-wedding bells.”

Keep true to your voice

No matter which style you decide on to word your honeymoon registry, the most important thing is to make sure it’s true to your voice. If you’re the family jokester, feel free to make it funny. If you’re a straight-shooter, then don’t hesitate to write the way you speak to your friends and family.

Because people are still warming up to the idea of cash registries, make sure you express your gratitude in your wording. While it’s completely acceptable to have cash gifts in your registry, it’s still poor etiquette to expect any gifts. Find a way to express that you don’t expect gifts, but are grateful for anything your guest choose to give.

Smaller gift descriptions with wording

Instead of having one, giant honeymoon fund on your registry, we’ve discovered that guests are more likely to contribute when they know exactly where their money is going. Create smaller cash gifts with equally thoughtful descriptions. Divvy up your trip into smaller experiences (snorkeling, romantic dinner for two, booking Flytographer, rental car, etc.) and guests will be thrilled to contribute to a specific honeymoon event.

Take a peek at our sample wedding registry for the honeymooning couple for smaller gift and wording inspiration.

Pictures & images are great!

If your online wedding registry allows you to upload custom images for your cash gifts like Blueprint does, do it! They can be your own pictures, stock photos, or any image with a personal touch that represents you (just make sure you have permission to use them!). If your online registry gives you the ability to customize cash gift images, definitely take advantage of it.

Final thoughts

There will always be traditionalists who are staunchly against cash gifts. At the end of the day, however, it’s your wedding and future that you’re planning for. Ask for what you need in a respectful way, and your family and friends will always support you.

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