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Introducing Wedding Planning Worksheets


Introducing Wedding Planning Worksheets

November 20th, 2019
Introducing Wedding Planning Worksheets

Even if you’re not a nearlywed, you know planning a wedding is far from simple.

It doesn’t matter if you’re planning a small, intimate affair or a giant blowout, achieving your perfect day lies in the details. And the details, for that matter, are subjective for every couple. Maybe you want to compare venues before choosing, or your main concern is decor and lighting. Where do you find a tool that is tailored to your specific needs?

The Blueprint team recognized this gap in planning tools and created a suite of 14 free editable and downloadable worksheets to fit your unique needs and wants. They’re here to keep your head straight whether doing your own planning, or if you’re passing off information and research to a wedding planner. Use just one, or use them all—it’s entirely up to you.

Using our worksheets is simple! We’ve compiled them into a single Google Sheet where you can explore the tabs to find the worksheets you want to use. All you have to do is make a copy of the worksheet and save it to your personal Google drive. All the formulas we built to help with tracking numbers, money, etc. will be transferred over. Once pasted, you can make any changes or edits to cells to reflect your specific needs.

Join us through a brief explanation of each worksheet and plenty of links to download. We promise, a little extra organization and support can make all the difference in wedding planning.

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Read Me Page: An Introduction

When you open our suite of wedding planning worksheets, the first page you’ll see is the Read Me Page. The Read Me Page serves as the first stop when using our worksheets, and let’s you know what to expect when going through the document. It includes links to more resources and blog posts, tips, tricks, and a helpful table of contents to guide you through the entire document. 

You’ll also find a helpful Priorities Checklist to fill out with your partner. Before any planning can begin, you want to make sure you understand each other’s priorities so everyone is on the same page. Once that’s complete, the real fun can begin!

read me page

Budget Worksheet

Ah, the wedding budget. Most of us have to work within the constraints of a wedding budget, and managing all the (constantly changing) details can get messy, fast. The budget worksheet allows you to itemize individual wedding to-dos and their respective costs, and allocate the available funds to each. We’ve included formulas to calculate total estimates, total money already spent, total money paid to vendors, and total money that is still owed. You’re also able to designate any outside contributions to your wedding budget—say, from friends and family—as well as the money that comes out of your own pocket.

Finally, based on industry averages, we included a table guide with recommended budget allocation percentages, so you know about how much of your budget should go where.

budget worksheet

Guest List Worksheet

According to 43% of Blueprint users we surveyed, managing the guest list is the hardest part of wedding planning. With the launch of our wedding websites, and with it, our RSVP feature, we wanted to create a worksheet that complemented the RSVP system and could be used in conjunction with it. Thus the Guest List worksheet was born.

The guest list worksheet can be used to brainstorm your *ultimate* guest list, and divvy it up into A and B lists. You’re able to set your RSVP date and our handy formula will calculate how many days until RSVPs are due. You can add guest names, assign them to you or your partner, and mark them as primary or tentative (which is just fancy words for A and B lists). The worksheet can also be used to keep track of contact details, which events they’ll be invited to, and whether an invitation was sent. There’s also space to add personal notes and requirements for each guest, like dietary restrictions and accessibility.

guest list worksheet

Venue Comparison Worksheet

There’s a lot to remember when you’re deciding on a wedding venue, and it can be easy to forget important details when you’re inundated with research and tours. The venue comparison worksheet can be used to track venue details so you can compare them later.

You have the ability to note how each partner feels about a particular venue, locale, and other venue details, including:

  • Average temperatures 
  • Dates available
  • Price 
  • Indoor or outdoor spaces
  • Amenities and services included

Use the completed worksheet to compare venues yourself, or list your venue priorities and hand it off to your wedding planner to do the research for you. It’s a win-win!

venue comparison worksheet

Menu Planning Worksheet


Food is always fun, and menu planning is probably one of the funnest parts of wedding planning. This worksheet is designed to help you brainstorm menu ideas with your caterer, track prices, quantities of food, dietary restrictions, order statuses, and to outline any rental supplies you may need. Whether you’re going with a plated meal or buffet-style, our worksheet covers it all.

We designed the worksheet to automatically calculate how much money is owed to the caterer and how much will be coming out of your own pocket. The best part? There’s no need to edit this table since it adjusts on its own.


You can also organize menus by meal types, like appetizers, dinner, dessert, bar menus, and more. It’s also a great place to brainstorm custom “couples” cocktails!

menu planning worksheet

Wedding Party Worksheet

Your wedding party plays a huge role in your big day. They carry responsibility and provide support and there’s a lot that goes into the job once accepted. What are they going to wear? What’s everyone’s budget? What are their big tasks for the wedding? What is everyone’s contact information? Enter the wedding party worksheet.

This worksheet is meant to be a central place to track every detail for your wedding party. You can list each individual person, their title (MOH, Best Person, Groomsmate, etc.), contact information, and even which attire items have been ordered.

The two tables to the right help you note specific items of attire that you’ve researched for the party to reference, list any alterations info, fabric types, colors, brands, price, and links to each item. Best of all, it can be used in conjunction with a Blueprint registry to manage their outfits.

wedding party worksheet

Vendor Comparison Worksheet

After you’ve locked down a venue, it’s time to think about which vendors you still need to hire. Our vendor worksheet helps list all potential vendors you’ve researched and interviewed for comparison. We’ve made it especially easy by splitting it up by type, like:

  • Flowers
  • Tables and chairs
  • Linens
  • Decor

When you download the worksheet, you’re able to edit the types to whatever you need. Compare vendor prices, additional fees, and have a central place for websites and contact information. We’ve also embedded a calculator that sums up total costs for budgeting purposes.

vendor comparison worksheet

Wedding Day Schedule Worksheet

Once details start settling and the day is quickly approaching, it’s time to organize the day’s schedule. Our worksheet helps you manage it all.

Sit with your planner—or anyone helping you plan—and come up with time blocks for getting ready, the ceremony, photos, travel to and from the venues, and for the reception. Apart from the big events of the day, make sure to factor in little things like snack times, water breaks and breathing breaks (it never hurts to step away from the hustle and bustle for a breather). 

Make notes in the worksheet for any key people involved in each time table, like deliveries, transportation, or wedding party tasks. Maybe you need the wedding party for a photo time block, or you’ll want your mom around for a quick breathing and bathroom break after dinner, for example. And, of course, to keep things exciting, there’s a handy countdown at the top of the worksheet that tracks the days until your wedding.

wedding day schedule worksheet

Wedding planning is tedious and stressful, no matter how you slice it. But with a little guidance through the form of worksheet templates, we’re confident you’ll knock your planning out of the park. Stick around while we cook up even more worksheets to aid in wedding planning, and check back here for updates.

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