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Remember to Register for These 7 Commonly Forgotten Spaces in Your Home


Remember to Register for These 7 Commonly Forgotten Spaces in Your Home

August 27th, 2018
Remember to Register for These 7 Commonly Forgotten Spaces in Your Home

Your wedding registry should be one of the most fun and least stressful parts of planning a wedding.

If you’re sticking to the traditional route of registering for home goods, wedding registry essentials are probably the first to come to mind.

For a lot of newlyweds, it’s not until they’ve unpacked all their registry gifts when they start to realize where their registry may have fallen short. There are a multitude of nooks and crannies in our homes that we completely forget about when registering for gifts, only to realize it much later.

That weird corner or the awkward space under the stairs? What about the space between the ceiling and your cabinets? We’re here to offer plenty of decor and organizational suggestions to make the most out of every forgotten space in your home. No nook will go unfurnished!

Ultimate Under Stairs

Understandably, not everyone has stairs inside their home. But for the folks that do, many have probably found that there’s a ton of space underneath that isn’t being properly utilized. Even if you don’t need the extra storage, the space underneath your stairs can make for some really great decor possibilities.

In their own post, Food52 shows a few great ideas for maximizing the space. Think about installing some shelving for storage or putting together a small wine cellar. We’re big fans of adding a small door and giving your pet it’s own room ala Harry Potter, but more humane. We also love the idea of creating a small library (bonus points for having your own cataloguing system!).


under the stairs pet room

We love this DIY pet room tutorial from The Rodimels Family Blog.

 The Coziest Corners

Corners, at face value, appear tricky and awkward. We often shove bookshelves, desks, or corner sectionals into them, or just leave them empty, forever scratching our heads. It turns out, however, that corners high and low are fantastic ways to add little hints of decor and functionality to your home. They help you truly maximize your space, and nowadays we can find a lot more products specifically made for sprucing up the corners of your home.

You can go as simple as a tall potted indoor plant, or a stool with a potted plant on top. Achieve top to bottom decor by screwing a hook into your ceiling and hanging beautiful indoor plant. Finish the look with an accent chair and throw pillow.

Use a corner in your dining or living room to house a bar cart, and set up a small home bar. If you’re in need of some extra storage, a corner hutch, ladder, or bookcase will look and function like a dream. Maybe you’re more interested in a small office area, but don’t have a whole extra room to spare. Consider a creating an office nook with a minimal desk setup and plenty of wall decor.

If you’re looking for just a little decor without taking up real estate on the floor, wall galleries are all the rage right now. We’re especially fond of wall galleries that span corners. Food52 recommends when putting your gallery wall together, to consider frame color and scale before getting started. Then you can decide if you want to take a methodical approach and plan ahead, or hang up frames as they inspire you.



Enjoyable Entryways

Entryways in the front or back of the home, whether they’re mudrooms or a slim hallway, deserve some love, too. No matter the size of your space, you have plenty of tasteful options that are practical and look great.


Take into account the first things you do when you walk into your home. Do you set your keys down? Take off your shoes? Need a place to hang your coat? Or maybe just a simple warm welcome of photos and light? We’re big fans of patterned rugs, decorative lighting fixtures, and mudroom benches with storage. If you have the space, a larger hall tree with coat hangers and additional storage is a great option, too.

Entryways are another great use for art pieces, long mirrors (to give the illusion of space, and because you get final look at yourself before walking out of the house), and—you guessed it—a small gallery wall.


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Punchy Patios

The number one summer entertaining space is sometimes the number one space we forget to register for. Punch up your patio with decorative furniture, plant holders, serveware, and lights for a fabulous outdoor gathering your guests won’t soon forget. Don’t forget some cozy options for yourself, too—what’s better than outdoor reading? Not much, we say.


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Clever Closets

Sure, there are organizational essentials for your closet that are always popular on registries. Matching hangers, shoe organizers, and hampers are a few closet items that quickly come to mind when registering for your wedding. But who said closets have to only be functional, and not fashionable? Small spaces need love too!

Small art pieces and photo canvases are a great place to start. If you have wall space that you can see, think about installing a print wallpaper for a pop of fun when you open the closet door. With a little excitement happening inside the closet space, you’re sure to look forward to getting ready in the morning.


Gussied Up Guest Spaces

Some oft forgotten things to register for are for when you plan to have company. We’ve already suggested to register for more dinnerware than you and your partner will need between the two of you. The same rule also applies to guest spaces.

Even if you don’t have a spare room to house visitors, you should register for extra linens, blankets, and pillows to convert a sofa or air mattress into a cozy guest space. If you have a guest room, or plan on having one post-nuptials, it’s fair game to register for that room, too.


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It doesn’t just start and end at furnishings, however. Even when the room isn’t being used by you or a guest, an unfinished room in your house can feel like a nagging, never-ending project. Add some decorative touches like accent chairs, wallpaper, plants, or framed art to tie the room into your whole home aesthetic. No need to be over-the-top ala Monica Geller, with pillow chocolates and homemade potato chips, but you want just enough personal touches so your guests feel welcome and comfortable.

Dri-Soft Plush Bath Towel

The Perfect Pantry

A quick search for #PantryGoals on Instagram and you’ll see why we’re so excited about this. Less-so forgotten recently because of social media virality, the pantry has come a long way. At Blueprint, we see so many users adding pantry organization products to their registries. Baskets, containers for bulk goods, and lazy susans are some of the most popular wedding registry items for making the most out of your pantry and kitchen, big or small.

But why not take it up a notch with a little decor? Cooking, especially when you’re uninspired or exhausted, is rough. Even if you ultimately decide to skip cooking that day, the moments you spend staring into your pantry for ideas should bring a smile to your face. Try a nice rug, wallpaper, or decorative plates or platters for hanging. If you have the space, a light fixture or a hanging plant make for lively accents.


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If you’ve got a smaller kitchen or just prefer minimalistic decor in general, our friends at Food52 have a load of great tips for stocking your pantry. They discuss good shopping habits, organization, and processes to help you keep your pantry in tip top shape.

Wonderful Window Sills

We like to think of window ledges as equal shelf opportunity. It may not make sense to decorate every windowsill, but we see no harm in making use of window sills in some capacity, especially in smaller homes.

Small potted or hanging plants, picture frames, a small herb garden, or some candles for ambiance are great choices. Set up a cozy reading area (or larger window ledges make the best reading nooks) and use the window ledge to display your favorite books.


Of course, take into account whether the window will be open or not. The last thing you want is for the outside elements to damage any decor. Small decor items always make great additions to your wedding registry for guests who can’t spend a lot on gifts, so get creative!

Hanging Teardrop Vase - 9.5

Hanging Teardrop Vase - 9.5

From Cost Plus World Market


Forgotten spaces will differ in every household. If anything, we hope this inspires you to take an especially close look at your home before choosing gifts for your wedding registry. Add a few extra small planters, some decorative platters, and that accent chair you’ve had your eye on for a while. Chances are they’ll be a nook somewhere in your home just waiting for its decor debut.

What are some strange spaces in your home that have been difficult to decorate? Tell us all about it on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook!


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