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Get Joey to Fringe

June 30, 2023 ∙ Edinburgh, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland


Help me take this show on the road. Well, airplane and then probably train or cab with maybe a little walking involved. But I guess you can walk on a road…

[It’ll all make sense below, just keep reading please. No seriously, please!] 


Hi. I’m Joey. Some of you may know me as Joseph, or Joseph Richards, or even Jo Jo Potatoes. In addition to being all of those things, I’m also Jesus Christ’s most famous ex. I’m also that person who can’t shut up about my ex, which is why I’ve written an entire 50-minute show about breaking up with the King of Kings himself (yeesh, what an ego). 

The show, cleverly titled Breaking Up With Jesus, debuted at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, NC in 2021 to rave review (not a typo). Much like old Johnny Christ himself, I’m not satisfied with just one group of people hearing my gospel. In fact, I hear the calling of


The Edinburgh Festival, happening August 2023, has been a dream of mine since I first learned that all of my comedy heroes (Eddie Izzard, Craig Ferguson, Rowan Atkinson, Hannah Gadsby) have made their way there and shared their work with thousands of festival goers.

Unfortunately, the costs of Fringe pile up like clumsy octopi on roller skates going up a 15 percent grade while getting distracted at a giant billboard of a brand new inkjet printer. So this is where you can help this financially-imbalanced graduate student make a dream come true.

Like my ex, I often find my robe empty of any cash. While JC’s humble pockets were due mainly to non-union carpentry wages, my velcro wallet is found wanting because I’m a graduate student at the financial mercy of the state of North Carolina.

Can you help make sure I have the funds I need to perform at Fringe August 2023? I have until JUNE 30 to make sure the show is fully funded. Donate Here.


UPDATE: Get Joey to Fringe local fundrasier at Epilogue Books in Chapel Hill a smashing success!
Thanks to everyone who came to the show!! And for helping us raise almost $2,000!